Look Who I Found!

IMG_2396One of my favorite things about August is that it constantly feels like a giant reunion! I am always running into old friends, consultants I just trained or campus staff that I love! I also love running into students I have seen time and time again! I think the relationships I make on the road are the best part of my return visits to places! Here are a couple of highlights from my recent visits:

  • IMG_9020I got to see Miss Savannah from ZTA at OK State! Savannah was a recruitment assistant for her chapter last year and asked for me to come back this year to work with her group again. She is constantly positive, fun and a great person to be around. Another thing I love about Savannah is that she is one of the BIGGEST reasons I started this blog. I saw her last spring in one of my favorite Stillwater boutiques and we caught up for a few seconds. When I asked her what she was up to she told me she was working on her blog. I told her I was really feeling the urge to start a blog, but I just did not know if I would ever find something people wanted to read about. She was that piece of encouragement I needed and because of her KJsblog.com exists. I love this woman and I cannot wait to see how her senior year transforms!IMG_2389
  • I LOVE consultants! I have run into some talented consultants so far this year! I saw Hannah and Ashley from Kappa Delta IMG_3588when I was in Alabama. I am so proud of their hard work and I am so honored to be their sister! I also ran into quite a few consultants when I was in Oklahoma. One of the officers I worked with last year, Logan was working with the ZTA chapter IMG_3614at OK State and I had NO idea she was even selected for the job! I am excited to see where her year takes her, and so happy we are texting one another back and forth. Finally I ran into a Chi Omega consultant, Meredith, I had the opportunity to train way back in Memphis! She is a positive and vivacious lady and I loved getting to catch up with her! I am absolutely going to see this girl when she visits Missouri in November! *** If you are a consultant and you are reading this, I would LOVE to see you if you come to Mizzou in the Fall!
  • There is nothing I LOVE more then working with a chapter or a community for a few years in a row. I am an increadibly strategic person and I am motivated about creating a wave for positive change. I LOVE working with chapters year after year and seeing how they grow. My favorite phone call ever is always the January call I get from the new VP-Recruitment where we discuss how their recruitment went and what went well. Last week was FULL of a few repeat visits for me as well as a few new ones as well. If you are in one of my chapters that I get to visit year after year, I just want you to know I am constantly pulling for you and sending you positive thoughts!Map

This weekend I was reminded that I have the best job ever. Yes the flights are crazy and the travel is intense but I am doing what I love with people who inspire me daily! Thank you for reading and mostly thank you for being you!




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