When It Rains…

When it rains… it pours, y’all.

IMG_3622So over the past few days I have been getting TONS of LOVE from you all about #DeltaDown. A lot of people have been asking me if I was affected… and let me tell you our entire team was affected. It has been a mess. I work hard to be a positive and upbeat person, and I think this blog shows that. I only want to bring joy and love into this world… but sometimes I need people to know no one is perfect and we all get disappointed. But for all of my people out there who have a down day, I want you to know it is OK to not always be OK. Just because you have one dark day does not mean you cannot have a life full of light. Here is the story of KJ’s version of Delta Down:Map

  • Once it was announced that Delta was on fire, I was already on a stage with a microphone in my hand, in my heels. There is VERY LITTLE I can do when I am speaking but I had to try to get a flight booked… as back-up at least. I was able to book a Southwest flight out of Raleigh (two-hour drive from Wilmington), which would still get me in at 8:50 pm… Southwest, not so bad. So the sad thing for me was, I was flying to Mizzou to speak to Panhellenic all day Tuesday… which means I was going to get to GO HOME for one night! At first I was going to land at 6:15 (getting me in the door at 8:00) but now I was not going to arrive until 11:00 ish. All I wanted was to do laundry, refill my liquids and eat a home cooked meal… but oh well, at least I had a solution.
  • Wave of disappointment #2 – My Southwest flight was delayed by an hour, stressing me to no end that I was going to miss my connection. Then, made my connection, but now this second flight was delayed as well… Man alive, when one thing goes wrong it all falls apart. I did not get home until midnight. I started speaking at 8:00 am on Tuesday, so needless to say, no home cooked meal, no workout in the morning, no chance to walk my dog once during August, and no eight hours of sleep… but I did get to do laundry. Once I was speaking at Mizzou, I got a notification that my flight departing STL was canceled… rebooked during a five minute conversation break on American. Raced to the airport after seven hours of speaking… only to get delayed again. Meow… give me strength and patience.IMG_3629
  • The only thing I can do is come up with names for #DeltaDown. For example Delta Deliverance, The Delta Disaster, The Day the Music Died, and Delta’s Day of Devastation. If you had called me between the hours of 3:00 PM and 5:00 PM on Monday (EST) or if you had called me at 10:00 PM (CST) on Monday… you would have heard me sobbing. I think when stuff goes wrong or not according to plan for me, it does not make me mad, it makes me really, really sad. The hardest thing about this month is that you have nothing but yourself and the people you talk to on stage. The students and women I work with are my security blanket SO OFTEN! They have given me places to sleep, a hug, a ride to the airport or an awesome meal that saves me. If you are one of those people… YOU HAVE SAVED ME TIME AND TIME AGAIN!  But besides them, I have the airline to keep me on schedule and when both of these things are gone, I only have me… it is a lot.

All of these delays or hiccups in my life have made me flexible, stalwart, optimistic and empathetic. Sometimes it takes a really bad situation to strip you of your security blankets so you only have yourself to depend on… it teaches you a lot. This would not be my blog without some honest vulnerable moments. So this is the truth of disappointment… we all feel it, but the thing that matters most is how scrappy you are when you pick yourself back up again.

FINALLY! Thank you for your constant support and love! Mostly, thank you for you offers of couches, prayers and hugs! I would be no where without you all!

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  1. Brigid Hornsby
    August 15, 2016 / 9:13 am

    I hope you found some pimento cheese in one of those airports! 😉 Miss you!

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