But Then There’s Those Nights.


IMG_2407After last week’s negative post something totally changed. I have hit my flow. I am not saying that I am not proud of all the work I did before Tuesday, but I finally was able to shake off all the cobwebs or things that cloud my mind and prevent me from being my absolute best. The switch has flipped. In the words of Eric Church, “I ain’t making a killing, but then there’s those nights, when the song comes together and hits ’em just right, the crowds on their feet cause they can’t get enough, of this music I make and I love.”IMG_2440

This past week I spoke at Mizzou, UNC-Wilmington, Arkansas, Louisiana State, Texas Christian, Kentucky, and Central Florida. I am flying every night and speaking every day. It is that time where you lose track of days and just go into autopilot. When you are traveling this much and feeling crazy, or exhausted, or at your wit’s end with work… It is easy to lose your head and your heart.  I want to give you some pointers! I constantly live on the edge of ‘I cannot do this anymore’ and ‘Maybe just one more.’ So here is advice from me, one of the most hardcore go-getters I know, humbly:

  • Take care of yourself. Oh my GOSH! Take care of yourself. You are your only resource, your only tool, your only thing.  Work out… I do not care how tired you are, take 20 minutes to do some yoga stretches. It will help you make better choices throughout the day. Every day you are too tired to workout will be another day you did not use your body to it’s full potential, and you will never get it back. Your body wakes up and comes alive when you are physically active. It will perform so much better if you take at least 20 minutes to move it in ways it wants to. I always try to get something in. Even if it is a two mile run after five hours of sleep. Endorphins are real people! Get them flowing earlier… you will be happier and you will make others happier to be around you.
  • Be conscious of what you put in your body. Feed your soul not your mouth. Cheetos will taste so good but they will not fuel you for what you are going to face today. When you are in between push and shove, remember you can do this and a Snickers bar is not going to help you do it… you have to do it and you can. There have been lots of days where I wanted to escape the stress and pressure of my day and I tried to do that with food, and wine. Eat protein, veggies and berries and maybe even an apple. Food and wine are now my celebration. Now, on a daily basis, food has turned into my fuel I use to continue to pour love out of my heart to you… every day. Conversation, tears, music and people feed my soul so much more than pimento cheese ever will. Also, drink water… for the LOVE OF GOD… Drink Water.
  • Just roll with it. At the end of a day bad things happened for sure… but you cannot let them subtract from the amazing things that happened. If you regurgitate the same negative story over and over, it becomes your life. Sure, life for me is hectic and crazy, but I don’t let those stories define my existence. I focus on the positive, beautiful and the hearts of the people I speak to. I focus on the tearful hugs I get at the end of EVERY SESSION I do. When it gets bad get over it. If it gets REALLY BAD, go to bed, it will be better tomorrow. And never forget people want to be around happy people, so be happy… if people judge you for it or are condescending about it, they are just wanting something in their lives to be happy about. You have a life that you love so much you are willing to push yourself to tears… that is something to be wildly happy about.

MapI am totally lost, you all. Lost in this country popping from town to town, school to school, hotel to hotel… trying my best to not focus on tomorrow or what happened yesterday but to be 100% focused on the faces in front of me. I am using my tool to do what I love. In the words of Corre Anding Stegall, “When I lose myself, I save myself.” I am happy.



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