How Did I Get Here?

IMG_6555One of the number one questions I get from people is, ‘How did you get this job?’ I believe there are three major elements that got me this job. #1 – Tenacity. #2 – Experience. #3  – Fate. So for all of you who I have spoken to over the past few weeks or even years ago, here is the timeline of my life as it correlates to my career:

  • College: I was super active and involved in my chapter. I was president of my chapter and on Panhellenic. Panhellenic worked with Phired Up when I was there and when I went to conferences like AFLV, I attended every Phired Up session I could. I met Jessica, my CEO at a young age and I was always impressed with her knowledge, way of thinking and mostly her drive to improve the college experience of students.
  • Consultant: Because I was so active and involved in college, I had the chance to be a consultant for Kappa Delta. This is to me the most important key to my success. The experience I had traveling from campus to campus working with chapters who had ALL KINDS of different skillsets gave me a priceless perspective. Also, during this year I attended Kappa Delta’s Leadership Conference where Jessica spoke again. I sat through another one of her sessions. I had the chance to start two brand new chapters of Kappa Delta this year, one at Georgia College and the other at Sacred Heart University. This is where the story gets tricky. When I was at Sacred Heart, the Greek advisor asked me to contact a few fraternities who would be an asset to campus to ask them to consider coming to Sacred Heart. Well as you would know, Woody Woodcock was the Expansion Director at Pi Kappa Phi at the time and was in the middle of transitioning to Phired Up Producitons. One can never forget a name like Woody Woodcock. I reached out to him and they began a chapter at Sacred Heart.IMG_2592
  • Graduate School: During my application process for graduate school, I had NO INTENTION of going into Higher Education. I actually began studying Environmental Policy and Public Affairs… HAHAHA! None of you saw that one coming. My program was canceled after my first semester because the professor who led the track was cherry picked by Georgetown. So I was back to finding a new program. I selected Nonprofit Management because I figured it would be a transferable skillset. Step of Fate – Alpha Tau Omega was starting a chapter at the University of Missouri and meeting with student leaders and Graduate Assistants to get ideas of where they would find quality applicants. This group of men were being coached by Woody Woodcock.IMG_1837
  • The Application Process: I applied for this job twice. I did not even receive an interview the first time. I remember calling Jessica over the winter repeatedly to make sure she received all of my application materials, and to make sure she remembered me. When I saw Woody on Mizzou’s campus I had already been declined the first time. I told him that… it was embarrassing, and humbling, and it felt a little bit like fate was flaunting it in my face. As fate would have it, they opened up the application process again, I cried. I might have even cried in my video out of desperation.
  • The end result: I did not feel cool enough to get a job with Phired Up. When I got the offer I was honored, terrified, humbled and mostly curious how I could have gotten my dream job but be turned down for all of the secretarial jobs I applied for at local nonprofits. What I learned is that you might be on a track hurtling towards an amazing destination.  The worst part of the journey is the darkest moments before you emerge from the tunnel.

My advice to you, is do what you love. If you love something never let it go. It can become your life. If it wakes you up inside or makes you want to forgo sleep, then there is a way to make it your life’s work. I don’t work. I do my life’s work every day… the kind of work I want to leave my fingerprints all over. I do what I was created for. I did not have any other option the way I see it.


  1. Tracy Carson
    August 18, 2016 / 7:22 am

    Ok! I guess all those e-mails I keep sending with no responses only mean to keep trying!

  2. Jess Bonner
    August 18, 2016 / 7:43 am

    Love this! Keep up the good work, love!

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