My Heart Is In Florida


IMG_3706Best week ever. OK. I get it. I say that a lot. But I cannot express to you how happy I am right now. I got into Florida LATE on Wednesday night, spoke all day Thursday and Friday at FSU, went to North Florida on Saturday and ended on Sunday at Florida State, again, for New Member Orientation. Here is what I loved:

  • The people: The chapters I worked with were each so wonderful and inspiring for me. Thursday I spent the evening with the past and current National President of Kappa Delta. These women are my role models and they have such amazing love for each other. They are sisters to me on a so much deeper level than just on paper. Friday. Was. Perfect. I want to time travel back over and over again. I spent the day with some amazing chapter women. Saturday I spent the evening with my life partner Jennifer shopping in Jacksonville and catching up on life. I am so proud of her and constantly thankful for our friendship… Half of the reason I do what I do is so all of you can feel as supported and accepted as I do by my people. I do not know what it is about Florida State but there is something in the water and I LOVE every single person who has ever worked there in any capacity.IMG_3741
  • The work: I worked every day, but at the same time everyday felt like a vacation, a gift or a dream. I felt light, stress-free, love and joy every single day. Usually when I am traveling, there is a feeling of stress or exhaustion, but this entire trip I was filled with such assurance that I was exactly where I was supposed to be. On Thursday, the curriculum I created with FSU Panhellenic was so refreshing and innovative. On Friday, I worked with my FAVORITE humans on the planet and time flew by. Saturday, something clicked, it all started perfectly and the day I spent at UNF was magical… Finally, Sunday I spoke to 2,080 women and welcomed them to the sisterhood of sorority in FSU’s basketball arena… I was terrified because I did not use a Powerpoint (megatron does not project KJ’s slides)… but I was still able to do my job without one of my biggest crutches (maybe I don’t suck at this).IMG_3769
  • The food: I broke my travel diet y’all. I was so thankful to not be in an airport for once that I just went for it. Coconut cake, world famous chicken and waffles, bread pudding, charcuterie, fried okra, and some amazing rose`. I wrote about last week not eating to fill a hole but to fuel your body. I also mentioned eating like this as a celebration… Well my time in Florida was cause for a celebration… trust me.IMG_3747

I have not slept nearly enough… but I have a clear head and a full heart, and apparently I am in incredible shape. I am so happy. Every single day, I have walked to my car, facing the sun trying to not cry I am so thankful for these beautiful moments in my life. I truly live a fulfilling life and this week, the people I love and value most were a constant part of my day. Drink it up, soak it in, remember every moment of the things that make you happy… these memories will carry me through the Fall and the Winter until I can see you all again.


  1. August 31, 2016 / 9:29 pm

    Oh my goodness! My cousin was in the crowd at FSU when you spoke that Sunday and absolutely LOVED YOU!! Also I love how much you love what you do. Truly inspiring!

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