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IMG_2627I took two days off work this month for a very special occasion! On Tuesday, Brendon released his book and we hosted a book release party at the quintessential college spot in Columbia, MO – Harpo’s! I cannot express to you to you how proud I am of him! Today’s blog we are going to take some time to celebrate:

  • First of all, holy new school year! I feel like it snuck up on us! This party was such a great way to kick off the start of the school year, fall and mostly… COLLEGE FOOTBALL! Now, I am not into sports… by any stretch of the imagination. But there are two things I love, going to a baseball game and college football! I actually spend a better part of the year shopping for the perfect gold and black dresses for game days! I am so excited to get this season started. Also, it was so fun hosting this MIZZOU – Tastic party for all of our friends! So humbled that so many of our good friends came!  PS – you know I shopped for this dress for months, right. It is PERFECT! Actually, I have been lusting after it for a year and I bit the bullet and bought it this year because I needed something to wear to this party… duh.IMG_2662
  • Going home for a moment was amazing! I LOVE college towns and I am so happy I got to spend just a few hours in the place I currently call home. The University of Missouri is an amazing tradition and people in the area are so proud to call themselves Tiger Fans. I went to graduate school at Mizzou and I was lucky enough to witness some of the most amazing college football during my time here! I will never forget my favorite homecoming celebration which began at ESPN’s College Game Day at 3:45 AM and ended at Harpos at 12:45 AM sawing off chunks of the goal post. Pictures are attached. I am absolutely a Mizzou person, though my blood does not run quite as gold as others, I am proud of this place.IMG_2673
  • I know I never talk about my husband on this blog… I want it to be female focused… but I am going to break tradition for a second. People ask me every single day, ‘What does your Husband do when you travel?’ I have to tell you… he has hobbies. First of all, this is a ‘self-proclaimed’ bachelor for life… until he met Kayley-Jean McNamara, so he is independent, self motivated and proud of the work I do. Secondly, he loves Mizzou. He did grad and undergrad there and is a born and bred Missouri boy. In the words of the University he is a ‘True Son.’ Over the course of the past year he has written two books about historical happenings at the University of Missouri, and now this is his first release. Next one coming in 2017. He started a Missouri Football Podcast. He is so multi-faceted and talented. I am honored to be supporting him in reaching his goals. When you get married traditionally you inscribe each other’s wedding rings… In his ring I wrote “Love All Your Life,” (From the Band Perry song) and I vowed to him that I would work tirelessly to help him create a life he loved… my goal has always been for him to love every aspect of his life. I know this book took blood, sweat and tears… and mostly it is a big part of what he loves. So CONGRATS Brendon! You deserve to bask in the pure happiness of a goal accomplished!IMG_2670

You all, what you want is attainable. You were created to do spectacular things. My life goal is to help each of you create a life you love. Thank you to EVERYONE who came to Harpo’s on Tuesday. We appreciate your support and friendship! If you want to buy the book… here is the link on Amazon! Or contact me and I will hand deliver a signed copy!

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