My Top 5 Favorite College Campuses:

IMG_7261So I have seen quite a few states, and college campuses. I get asked a lot about which are my favorite. Today I am listing my top 5 favorite campuses. Now I want you to know this is not a reflection of if I like the people or if I enjoy the people I have spoken to… this is purely a reflection of campuses I LOVE or I think are so unique and cool.

5) Texas A&M Corpus Christi: You and I thought we went to school somewhere cool… We. Were. WRONG!  Corpus Christi is completely surrounded by water.  It is smack dab in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico.   Any way you look at it, there is a beautiful view.  It is truly ONE OF A KIND.  I remember when I went there for the first time I was surprised by how windy it was and mostly that people went to school here.  It is a permeant vacation.   Jealous.  Tex Am

4) Virginia: The University of Virginia is hands down one of the most spectacular college campuses on the planet. It was hand crafted and designed by one of our country’s founding fathers, Thomas Jefferson. There is so much rich history and old school tradition it is hard not to fall in love. Just walking around campus you see tons of people out and about running and being active. You can feel the vibe of it being a high performing institution. Also, the town itself has a little something for everyone! The corner is the quintessential college atmosphere. The outdoor mall has amazing restaurants for foodies. I LOVE THIS PLACE!UVA

3) Northern Arizona University: I can honestly say there is nowhere in the world like NAU. Flagstaff, AZ is one of my absolute favorite places in America. They lean into the outdoorsy vibe there and you can go hiking in the desert or climb a mountain in one day. It is only 2 hours from Phoenix and all of the shopping you could ever want. There are dozens of healthy and hipster restaurants for people who want to live clean. Being in Flagstaff makes you feel cooler just for being there.Northern Arizona

2) Ole Miss: Going to Oxford, Mississippi the first time will change you. Walking around the square on a warm night will fill your heart with a strange form of joy. There is NO college town in America like Oxford, MS. Small enough to feel like you have taken a bite of it but vibrant enough for you to always want to go back… There is amazing rich history here for people who want more than a college experience with Rowan Oak, City Grocery and the famous Square Books. I could spend an entire day on one block and never see enough. The SHOPPING IS AMAZING! Honestly you can tell too… the women who attend the University of Mississippi are some of the most fashionable, well dressed women I have ever seen. The homes are beautiful and this town has got it together.Ole Miss

1) UC Davis: Holy Cow! I LOVE Davis, CA! Interestingly enough I am not obsessed with all of the other beautiful coastal California schools but I love the local authenticity of Davis. I feel like it is one of the pure California towns that has not been taken over by generic restaurants. The town is pretty flat and you could ride your bicycle anywhere. Restaurants are unique and delicious. There are awesome coffee shops and a few wonderful boutiques. You are also still an hour away from San Francisco so if you need higher-end amenities it is absolutely available. The campus is home to the Robert Mondavi Institute… I want to learn how to be a wine connoisseur.  I would move here in a heartbeat.  Davis

I love EVERY campus I visit.  I just wanted to highlight the most unique of the ones I have been able to see.  These places are truly one of a kind.  Feel free to let me know if I am missing something!


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