August: That’s a Wrap!


Andddddddd…. CUT! We are done with this month! Holy cow you all, we did it! 34 programs, 32 straight days of travel… hundreds of miles traveled and very few hours slept! It ain’t over yet! I still have 17 days on the calendar for September but that is HALF of what I did in August. Here are my notes from my last few moments of crazy August travel:


  • Causalities: Now you cannot get through August without a few losses. I lost two EXPENSIVE things. #1 My Karen Walker sunglasses… featured in this post. SADDNESS! I honestly think I left them sitting on top of my rental car in Baton Rouge when I visited for LSU Panhellenic. There goes some dollars. I am still deciding if I should buy a replacement pair or cut my losses. I love my new sunglasses (see pics below) but I cannot imagine life without a great pair of brown sunglasses. #2 I lost my Sonicare. My life is so dark right now. I am weirdly obsessed with cleaning my teeth.  I left it in the hotel room at Northern Arizona on Wednesday of last week. I called the hotel but it was nowhere to be found… I have lost my mind, I am pretty sure. Also, it was time to get a new Sonicare regardless because mine had MELTED in my suitcase from sitting in my rental car… yes, MELTED.
  • Crazy Travel: Even though I have not been posting too much about my crazy travel, it was still wild this week and last. But recently, it has been a little more aggressive with flights because I was going from west to east a few times. So after Florida State, I traveled to Northern Arizona University (super favorite of mine), Texas State, back to NAU, then to North Dakota, on to Minnesota and finished today at Louisiana Tech! It was a great last-week-of-the-month and I am so THANKFUL for each group I worked with. I am blown away by the amazing and intelligent women I have worked with in the past few weeks. Thank you for being spectacular!groupPic
  • Ready for the Fall: I am PUMPED to trade in my August wardrobe and get out my Fall stuff! I am psyched for dark nail polish, football season, red wine on my patio and Autumn candles! I am ready to get back to the stuff that makes me feel grounded… reading, yoga, running and shopping! Mostly I want to get my physical groove back. I ate pretty healthy (except for a strange obsession with dried figs and fruit leather mid-month) but I want to get my fitness plan back. Lastly, I have a few things planned for this fall that I am SO READY FOR! Get ready because the blog is about to get back to decent instead of this. (PS – still only three days a week until September 26th).

I cannot believe we are finished with August 2016! It feels like a huge accomplishment to be finished but I do not want to celebrate too much because I still have some time to go. Mostly, thank you for reading. I know the content has been a little mushy, and not great for my shopping fans (I promise I will do a post on trends I have seen on campuses)… but hang in there, it will get back to good. And as for the mushy stuff… I CANNOT be good at my job without living on the edge of emotion constantly. SO much of what I do requires me to be raw and emotionally available. Sorry if it made you uncomfortable… I am honestly just trying to be authentic in this blog!



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