img_2798I know according to the history of College Rivalries, I am technically supposed to hate the color purple and loath anyone who even considers the University of Washington as a viable community…. But I LOVE IT. I just spent a week on campus and I am actually sad to be leaving. Here are the highlights from my trip last week:

  • The women who go school at UW are so fierce. I had the opportunity to speak individually to 13 of their 18 chapters and then to their PNM’s on Saturday. I also did a new recruiter orientation, a Recruitment Counselor Session and a Senior Session. I LOVED my five days on campus. These students are crazy smart, motivated, intelligent and critical thinkers. They can put the pieces together of how it all works without having to spell it out for them. I am honored that they even listen to me. Each chapter is jam packed full of some of the most legit people I have ever met.img_3860
  • Campus is beautiful this time of year! Late Summer/early Fall in Seattle is PERFECT. I was there for a football game (speaking before and after) and there was so much excitement in the air it was amazing. School has not even begun for them yet (because they are on the quarter system) and still you would not have been able to tell with all of the people who are excited about UW’s pretty stellar rankings this season. I love this campus too because it is such a walkable community. I easily walked eight miles every day according to my Fitbit going back and forth between chapter houses and campus.img_3834
  • I have some GREAT friends at UW too! I went out to dinner one night with my sister and mentor Katie Trichel. I have been close with their Panhellenic advisor Krista for a few years now. I love their Panhellenic officers Kasey and Claire. I could not be more thankful for my quality time with them. I was able to see a few consultants from a few different organizations! I saw Kayla from ZTA, who I met when I visited her chapter at Virginia Tech last year and it was amazing seeing her! Finally for PNM orientation, my Mom, Sister, best friend from childhood, niece and nephew all came to see me speak. It is so STRANGE to have people in my life watch me speak because I talk about them. But I hope they liked it! I love my family. I love my sorority family, I love all of these women who have been a major impact on my life and shaped me into the woman I am today.img_2796

It was a great week! On to the next week! Now I head to Mississippi for a day and then BACK to the West coast for the week! Stay tuned… August is not over yet!

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