It Is Getting Tough…


Mom & Me…. And CUPCAKES!

So I would be lying if I did not say I am starting to feel the wear and the tear. Mostly I am homesick and lonely. I love the work I do but I am not going to lie, I miss my family. Half of my homesickness is from leaving Seattle last week and knowing I will not see them again until the holidays. The other half is I am beginning to feel a little Fall FOMO. Also, it is pretty daunting knowing I still have 10 back-to-back days until my next break.


Aunt of the year… I know – in between the glass of wine and the veggie in his mouth.

  • I am loving my Fall 2016 Playlist I use for pre-speaking pump up jams! My Fav songs right now are The 1975 – Chocolate, Ellie Golding – Still Falling for You, Billy Currington – It Don’t Hurt Like it Used To, and OF COURSE… The Chainsmokers – Closer. I am at a point where I could listen to Closer on repeat every day and still get pumped. I am linking my Fall playlist for you all so if you want to get in my head you can! Also, use it for your updated running playlist if you want! Here a link to my blog on running playlists.

    My morning run!  Look at those fresh WASHINGTON Apples!

  • A few years ago I read a book on clean eating and the author talked about how people’s love and need for food is not a need for actual food but a desire to ‘fill their hole.’ He mentioned we all fill our holes with different things. Some fill it with clothing, or new hobbies, or TV or food. I have really leaned on this idea whenever I am feeling a little empty. At the beginning of today’s blog I talked about how it is beginning to get a little tough and I am totally feeling like a giant vacuum sucking up as much ‘stuff’ as possible to ‘fill my hole.’ When I was in Seattle, it was fruit… no joke. HAHA. I know this sounds lame but I was eating like 10 pieces of fruit a day…. What is wrong with me? I am beginning to wonder if it was the sugar or the fear that Summer is fading away and I am missing it – so I ate as much summer fruit as I could get my hands on. This might be my desperate attempt to cherish it… I don’t know.

    My sister and my best friend from childhood Heather!

  • This is a weird life we live. Full of people in the airport, on a campus, in a program, or at a chapter but totally empty at night in a lonely hotel with no one around who knows us. I was watching an onslaught of Ted talks the other day on a break and I watched the talk on Grit. One of Phired Up Productions’ core values is grit. I am leaning so hard on my grit right now. I think in sports the phrase they use to describe this is ‘put your head down’ and keep going. I say on stage almost every day, ‘everything worth it in this world is hard.’ Well, just as a little FYI, it is totally worth it. You all are completely worth the tough moments… but I would be lying if I told you my life was effortless. It is the opposite in fact. It takes a lot of grace to make it look easy and fun. Constantly letting things roll of my back and shaking it off – so I can focus on what is in front of me instead of what is demanding my attention from every other angle.

I know it will all be better by Thursday’s post! Just a Girl with Grace & Grit.

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