Only The Hits!

img_2858What an awesome West Coast week! On Wednesday I spoke at MY FAVORITE school in the nation, UC Davis!  Then yesterday, I saw SO many dear friends! I got to visit Oregon State and spend the night with my boo Tina… I also saw so many good friends at OSU!  I cannot wait to tell you about it!img_2826

  1. Davis! I was feeling a little homesick as you remember from Tuesday, and the MINUTE I began walking around town I immediately felt better! I had dinner with their Phenominal Panhllenic President Suzi, who is brilliant! I went to my favorite card shop in the planet Newsbeat. I had coffee at the most hipster place ever called Temple. I went on a pre-sunrise run. I saw all of my friends. I want to do a special call-out for the past Panhellenic President of Davis, Sabrina. One year ago we sat over dinner and she told me to start a blog. She said do it, I don’t care if you have time… just do it. I AM SO THANKFUL FOR INSPIRING WOMEN LIKE SABRINA! I am constantly reminded of how amazing young women are. I see the best in people all of the time and this woman… I LOVE HER! Thank you for encouraging me. THANK YOU for being a mentor and mentee. I LOVE you sister. Lastly, she recently voluteered to help me edit my photos so they were b log worthy… let me know if you think I need to enlist her help!  Also, one restaurant… Crepeville.  Thank you Suzi for MAKING SURE I got my crepe!img_2827
  2. Oregon State! I got to do an amazing Keynote with Tina yesterday morning. I am honestly constantly reminded about how talented she is every time I see her. She made me cry and laugh. I am THANKFUL for our friendship and I will fiercely love her forever! I Loved my time at OSU. It revived my soul. The women in the chapters were phenomenal.  The Panhellenic officers were motivated. Holy cow! It was a great day.  They brought me Dutch Bros… twice! (Thank you Delta Delta Delta) and Cafe Yumm!  So selfless, kind and generous! I LOVE YOU all!  Lastly I got to hang out (for a brief moment) with the Kappa Delta LDC Olivia!  I am thankful we got to see each other and catch up… this girl is a loyal friend to the core. img_2871
  3. Natalie Rooney! The past VP-M of the Mizzou Chapter of KD and I went to dinner last night! She runs the orientation program at OSU.  It is so fun seeing someone you got to know in college find their groove.  I am so thankful we had dinner last night, it felt like being home with one of my best friends.  I am proud of her and I am so excited to see her hit her stride in the professional world.  Natalie and I would go on runs together when she was in college and we would chat about life, dating, leadership and the future.  After Tuesday’s blog she was one of the first people to reach out and tell me it would all be OK!  Thank you for taking the time out of your life to hang out with me!Map

I think I can make it you all!  Today I am taking a 5:00 am flight to LA to speak at UCLA!  I will keep you posted on the weekend.  Hint: there is a lot more flying and absolutely more speaking.


  1. Kelley Harmon
    September 16, 2016 / 2:50 pm

    Your blog is fabulous….just like you!

    • September 26, 2016 / 8:11 am

      Oh My gosh! Thank you Kelley! I am so happy you stopped by! I miss you tons!

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