Chicago & California

If you are reading this on Monday… you need to know I have two more days of speaking until ‘August’ is over!  I spoke at Cal Poly and DePaul over the weekend and am back in California today!

Chicago:  I had an excellent trip over to the Windy City for a recruitment kick off for the Panhellenic at DePaul. I flew in the morning and grabbed dinner with Panhellenic after the session ended! We went to a great restaurant to grab tacos, then went to Summer House for cookies.  You all, I could have moved into Summer House and apparently they just opened up a great restaurant in the O’Hare airport! Check it out!


Cal Poly: To wrap up the week, I went to Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. This town is right smack dab in the middle of California in between LA & SF. It is super tough to get to, but one of the happiest places on earth! There are countless things that are MUST SEES in SLO.

One of my favorites is this AWESOME coffee shop called Scout which is totally blogger approved. We had lunch at this awesome place called The Natural Cafe which is some of the cleanest eating you could do. The main drag downtown has all kinds of fun shops and restaurants. It is also Southern California’s wine country so there is quite a few options for local wine shops and souvenirs!
The Final Two Days: For the last two days I am actually back in SLO! I will be working one on one with a few chapters here so I have time to kick back and enjoy the town a little… last week it was a drive in-drive out situation. My goal is to try to get to the beach for a few pictures. I will let you know if it happens! Stay tuned on Snapchat: KJ-McNamara is my user name!

MapHere is the final map of the season. It is crazy that the busy months are over but also weird because I will still have some travel to wrap up with… just new clothes in the closet!

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