Happy Fall Y’all!

img_2944Setember 22nd, the first day of Fall! How fitting that I actually am spending the day at home relaxing and taking some me time! I had an AWESOME time at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo earlier in the week and I was almost sad to leave! The women I worked with brought me donuts from the local, San Luis Obispo Donut Company…. lovingly called SLO Do. Co. I am obsessed with this place! Here are the first three things I did on my day off!img_3902

  1. I did a full-on face mask. Like the kind that turns your skin black and you leave on for a few minutes. The cat and the dog did NOT like it. I did the GLAMGLOW youth mud mask. And I also soaked my hair in coconut oil for the entirety of the morning. I drank coffee, took the longest shower of my life, ate breakfast at noon and hung out in my pajamas for most of the day! It was perfect!img_2917
  2. I took Dexter on a walk later in the afternoon and I cannot tell you who was more exhausted afterwards. It is HOT here still and I am not complaining. I hate the idea of missing out on my summer completely so I was thrilled to be able to enjoy the last few days of summer. The leaves are beginning to change and football season is in full swing! It is time for hot coffee and red wine on the porch! I am also on the hunt for Fall candles! Here is one of my favorites that I received as a gift from one of my partners this fall. The P.F. Candle Co’s NO:11 Amber & Moss is perfect for the early fall transition!img_2910
  3. It is time to start rolling out those quintessential Fall fashion pieces! I am obsessed with this outfit! I bought this dress at one of my FAVORITE boutiques in the country in San Luis Obispo called Ambiance. I purchased these booties on sale at the Nordstrom sale and I think they will be awesome throughout the Winter… they are comfy too! Also, if you have not noticed I am fully adopting the choker trend. Finally Fall means hats. I bought a navy one in July that I will be rolling out soon!img_2913This is my LAST week of less frequent posts. Starting Monday I will be going back to daily updates! I am starting next week with a full on Fall Fashion spread! I will cover trends I have seen across the country and dive into beauty, products, clothing, accessories and even men’s stuff! Let me know what questions you have and I will absolutely cover it! I am SO pumped for next week!



Classic Linen Regina


‘Bashina’ Perforated Bootie


Hinge Floppy Wool Felt Hat


Braided Diamond Bolo


  1. September 22, 2016 / 7:15 am

    This is adorable! Love the white with the cute summery hat 🙂

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