Fall Fashion Preview 2016: Part 1

img_3030This morning I am flying to Memphis so I can speak tonight at Rhodes College! I have had a LOT of people ask me for a trend update about what I am seeing pop up across the country for Fall Trends. So we are calling this week… KJ’s Fashion Week, on the heels of NY, London and Milan… I am nowhere nearly as official, but it could be fun!img_3047

The COLORS: First of all, I am seeing a crazy shift in colors. A lot of burnt orange, rust, mustard, a red berry (not purple like last year), and copper. The 70s are in so hardcore this fall, from the turtle necks, wide-legged pants and vintage inspired everything. My motto has been if it comes in copper, buy it. I am also loving ivory… like large chunky sweater ivory. I have a feeling ivory will be the neutral of the year like camel or gray in the past.  And of course black… there is always black.img_3001

The CUTS: So pants are getting wider. Go and buy yourself a pair of culottes or wide-legged pants. I am not seeing a ton of women wear large baggy sweaters with leggings. It is absolutely more of a loose hanging crop, with a focus area on being on the waist and the hips for tightness. Wide, LONG sleeves are in too. Bell sleeves and flared jeans… I bought  pair of cropped flare jeans you all… I am obsessed. I will post pictures soon. And just get a body suit. Trust me, the clean line going into your high waisted jeans/pants/skirt is exactly what is in style. Much more lean in the center of the body with extra fabric at the ends is the way I try to describe it! I hope that makes sense!

img_2994The CHOKERS: I know I have said it before and I will say it again. Go get a choker. Just a very short necklace at least. I have three now. In my opinion, Vanessa Mooney is killing the game. When I spoke with one boutique owner in Oklahoma, he told me he could not keep the Vanessa Mooney chokers in stock! Now I am not on board with the velvet strip or the old school stretchy invisible tattoo vibe or even the ones with the dangle. It feels too Clueless to me. But I do love the leather ones. I can absolutely get on board with the suede braid! I like the long strips of leather too because you can get really creative with them in terms of how many times you wrap them or tying a bow or a knot. Now if you are brave enough to rock the choker, make sure you tone down the earrings and bracelets. Until these things become more mainstream, you do not want to overkill.img_3056
I will do another Fall Trends update on Wednesday and Friday of this week! I want to make sure you all have all of your questions answered! Seriously, send me your questions! One of MY FAVORITE outcomes of starting this blog is that people will send me pictures from the dressing room/ their closet/ or just ask me to send them some links of what I would recommend for certain events! I LOVE IT! Tomorrow and Thursday I will update you all about my travels!



Free People Sweater Dress


Lucky Brand Perforated Bootie


Wayf Bell Sleeve Babydoll Dress


Stuart Weitzman Over the Knee Boot


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