Fall Fashion Preview 2016: Part 2

img_3129Today I wanted to give you insight into how I am spending my hard earned dollars on Fall/Winter fashion trends. I specifically wanted to explain my thought process behind how I spend to help you create a more strategic approach. I always get intimidated in Spring and Fall because I think to myself, “How am I going to afford all of these adorable things?” I also think bloggers are super misleading because they all have crazy expensive things – and we humans cannot keep up! So here it is in all of my transparency:

img_3165Splurge: Sneakers & Jeans

I have already splurged on sneakers this Fall: The sneaker trend is ALL OVER THE PLACE in Europe which indicates to me that it will be sticking around here for a while. I purchased a pair of Stuart Weitzman Sneakers from Nordstrom Rack for a little more than I would generally spend on a pair of sneaker shoes. But my reasoning is that I intend on them being my casual ‘street’ shoe for the Fall and I know I will get a lot of wear on them. I also splurged a little in this arena because if you do go ‘statement’ enough on this splurge, it will still be in style next year, where if you saved it will be dated in a year.

It is time to invest in jeans again, you all:  For my friends who have had a few more trips around the sun, you remember the jean craze of the late 2000s. Well it is back, but different. No more crazy pockets, but you absolutely need to step outside of your comfort zone of traditional skinny jeans. Cropped, released hem, wide-legged, flair, and distressed… all of them. This fall splurge on one pair of nontraditional jeans… You will not regret it! My favorite brand is Frame right now. I have been a hardcore J Brand – Maria girl for a few years but I am obsessed with everything Frame does! Also, a lot of people love Mother Jeans… They do not fit me exactly in a way I love so not worth the splurge for me. Go to a high end store – spend hours trying on every pair imaginable and expect to splurge a little on at least one pair… I promise you will not be disappointed!

img_3147Shop: Statement T’s & Dresses

Get a sassy T-Shirt: With the uptick in jeans, comes the more casual t-shirt vibe. Everyone is all about comfy casual t-shirts that are fresh and clean feeling. As our culture becomes obsessed with clean eating, living, and products… of course clothing will venture in the same direction. (You will see this in beauty trends – coming Friday). So a great comfy shirt is absolutely on trend right now. Michael Stars is making a comeback and LNA is the new t shirt brand that is hitting hard right now as well. I LOVE Mate the Label t-shirts and Good Hyouman for working out (becuse it is a better price than the other 2 brands I mentioned but still edgy enough to get you through the season). I see this trend as being similar to the plaid shirt from last year – if you remember the Rails takeover of the world… now you see no plaid shirts. Maybe buy one or two, but there is no reason for you to purchase five – $100 t-shirts that you will most likely not wear next year.

Spend, but don’t splurge on dresses: Fall florals, beautiful silks, suede dresses are so hot right now, but I would not invest the big bucks here. Now, this is strange for me because this is where I have spent in the past. But, this season I am focusing more on buying pieces I love and cannot wait to wear but it is not where I am doing my major investing. I have seen TOO MANY two-piece (skirt shirt/ pant blouse) combos to really invest here, so I will cool it this season. I have a feeling dresses are slowly making their way out.

img_3174Save: Military jackets / Skirts

One Wise Woman Once Said: I have heard that the best way to transition from Winter into Spring is nautical… and the best way to transition from Summer into Fall is Military. YOU WILL ALWAYS SEE the fashion industry PUSH this stuff HARD core early in the season. DO not succumb to their tricks! Yes, buy a military jacket or a bomber jacket but DO NOT BREAK THE BANK! Go get one at the BP department at Nordstrom for $40 or at Forever 21 for $25 if you MUST. (I did both! Haha). Absolutely have fun with the trend but do not put all of your eggs in this basket – you will be inundated with new must have’s in the same arena in Fall of 2017 and your piece will not make the cut… trust me!

Well – it is all coming full circle: Skirts are back you all! Well not necessarily just skirts but the idea of two pieces. Now, every designer is putting their ideas out there and everyone is throwing in suggestions, but I say do not splurge here because I just don’t know what will stick yet. Will it be the 90s short button skirt, or the slit skirt or the high-waisted paper bag skirt? I don’t know, this is why I recommend you do not SPLURGE or spend too much here. Buy a few trendy pieces at Zara, Forever 21 or H&M but I am not confident about what trend we will see rise above the noise. So wait until the trend is really cemented (2017) before you go crazy and buy staple pieces.

img_3173Now, I hope this is helpful. You DO NOT have to agree with me… I just wanted to give you a clear picture of how I approach a buying period for a season change in the wardrobe. PLEASE, contact me if you have any questions! Or, text me, or snapchat (kj-mcnamara) me, or Instagram message me, Facebook… any of it! I LOVE this stuff and I want to help you feel FIERCE!



Sundry 3/4 Length Sleeve Tee


Forever 21 High-Slit Midi Skirt


Steve Madden Chunky Heel


Vanessa Mooney Braided Choker



OnTwelfth Bodysuit


FRAME High Rise Crop Jeans


Topshop Bomber Jacket


Stuart Weitzman Nuggets Sneaker

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  1. September 28, 2016 / 8:37 am

    Great post! I have the same issue when it comes to fall fashion, I just never know where to stop! I completely agree with your splurge, spend and saves!

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