Fall Fashion Preview 2016: Part 3

img_3974Hey you all! For my third and final set of this series I wanted to focus on Beauty Trends! I know one of the easiest ways to update your look is to buy a new lip color or eye palette, so I am thrilled to be giving you all a few tips and tricks for updates!

A Clean Face: For the past few years the trend has been edging towards more perfect skin and a fresh face. As clothing becomes more simple so does the makeup regiment. With everyone being OBSESSED with eating clean, working out, and athleisure you can guarantee that beauty will also be working to get you ‘back to basics.’ Face masks are all the rage right now as well as hair masks. I purchased a few face masks from the drug store before I hit the road, so they are pretty easy to get your hands on. Some of them were not great for my sensitive skin and actually made me break out. I bought two different GlamGlow Mask sets from Nordstrom but this one is my favorite!img_2941

Smells So Good You Could EAT It: The trend in fragrance this Fall is a little something called, Gourmand… which means it almost smells like food… like gourmet. Like you could take a bite out of it but also, it still smells like fragrance. I found this article that might be better at articulating than me today. And also this article. I just bought a bottle of Carven ‘L’Absolu’… and I am obsessed with it. I want to take a bite out of it.  

Makeup: Here are a few updates you could make to your makeup palette! I divided it into three different styles, so if you identify with a more classic look, trendy, or edgy vibe.


  • Classic:
    • Berry/Brick Nails: I love a dark nail for the winter and I am totally classic in this regard. My nails are currently painted in OPI By Popular Vote, but I cannot wait to try We The Female!
    • NO BOTTOM EYELINER: Doing a light line on the top but keeping the bottom of your eye liner free! This goes hand-in-hand with the more natural look.
    • Nude lips are so hot right now! I am rarely seeing a dark lip! My fav color for nudes is Kismet – Naked Gypsy!


  • Trendy:
    • I saw this A TON on my super trendy college girls across the country. But peach nails are all the rage right now. Sometimes even a mauve! So Yank My Doodle is totally on trend as well as Freedom of Peach.
    • Just Wing It: So winged eyeliner is pretty hot right now. I have seen a lot of it on people but still keeping the bottom lid not lined is important! Wing it, you all!
    • Berry Lip: The red lip this year is a little deeper purply then brick or berry. I just bought this Violet Fatale  color from Tom Ford. OBSESSED you can see it on me in this blog.


  • Edgy:
    • Military Nails: Dark greenish grey is the edgy color of the season for nails! I might not participate because of my pale freckly skin… but if you want to play, try Suzi – The First Lady of Nails.
    • Metallics Everywhere: Copper eyes are so IN STYLE this fall for high fashion.  This would be great if you wanted to do a copper smokey eye for a night out. I have a metallic eye palette that I adore, called Honeymoon by Tom Ford. The color is really intensely coppery and I only wear it when I am going to an event or speaking. But orange eyelids are hot.
    • Mocha Lips: Gigi Hadid changed the world when she brought back the mocha/bronzed lip. This look is almost too 90s to function! But I am seeing it on a lot of college girls, so get ready! I think a lot of it comes from the Kylie Lip Kits that everyone is OBSESSED with. Getting this Mac Liptensity lipstick in Toast and Butter is a great place to start!

I hope you all enjoyed this week! I am SO PUMPED for this weekend! It will be a blast and I cannot wait to give you an update after the festivities! Stay posted on Insta: @KJMcNamara


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