Roots N Blues N BBQ!

img_3985This weekend was perfect! Columbia, Missouri is home to one of the best music festivals I have ever been to called Roots N Blues N BBQ. It is so awesome. This event is my FAVORITE thing in Columbia. I look forward to it every year. Here are the highlights:

  • So, I have been attending this thing since 2009, and I have seen it steadily grow. I always get a weekend pass. It used to be downtown in the streets which was awesome and when they announced they were moving the festival to Stephens Lake Park I was skeptical to say the least. Trust me, it is awesome in the park! You feel like you are traveling to a totally different place. They transform this park with awesome art and lighting. This is the park where I walk Dexter almost every day. It is about a half mile from our house and it feels like a million miles away. The boo and I walk to the festival every year and try to be there as much as possible. RBBBQ is only 10 years old and let me tell you, it has slowly become TREMENDIOUSLY impressive. It is crazy to see how these festivals grow and develop into a real thing.img_4024
  • This is how I fell back in love with CoMo two years ago when we moved back from Seattle. To say the least I was not thrilled to come back and when I attended the festival in 2014 I was reminded why this college town is legit. This year did not disappoint! We ATE our way through RBBBQ, which included a whole lot of of BBQ, whiskey and red wine. Local restaurants and food trucks were all over the grounds.   It is essentially a celebration of the history and culture of the region – hence the name “Roots.” The biggest bummer about this year was the weather. Man alive it was colder then usual. I unfortunately could not wear my planned shorts and dresses situation per usual. We ran into TONS of friends at the festival too.img_4053
  • The music was FIERCE this year! In the past, Brendon and I have maybe mutually fallen in love with one or two bands. This year, I fell in love on repeat! Here were my three favs!
    1. Houndmouth: These people are essentially hipsters and reminded me a whole lot of a mix between Kacey Musgraves and Fun. Their song Sedona is going wild at music festivals and it is pretty great!
    2. Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats: They have performed on quite a few different late night shows including Jimmy FallonConan and Stephen Colbert. Their new song S.O.B. is so fun and absolutely an easy listen for anyone!
    3. The Oh Hellos: Now is the most obscure of all the bands I am writing about. But they are HONESTLY so interesting, dynamic, and beautiful. They are Mumford & Sons meets the Disney movie Brave. I have never seen a group of artists love music as much as these people. They were throwing banjos 20 feet in the air, and singing the words to their songs even when not on a microphone… you could see they get visiably excited for a lyric that they loved or a note they were about to hit. It was beautiful. Honestly the best part of my weekend was randomly sauntering over to their stage during their set.img_9894

My little heart is so happy after this weekend. Amazing fun and quality time with the husband as well as a reminder of how good it is to be home. Happy October! Columbia LOVES the month of October! Love Food, Love Music, Love Art, and just LOVING LIFE!

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