Hotty Toddy!

img_4093On Sunday I spoke at Ole Miss and did Potential New Member Convocation for 1,600 women who are going through the recruitment process!  It was a great day at one of my absolute Favorite schools!img_4058

  • We went to diner at this awesome restaurant, Ravine which is way off the beaten path but had amazing food! I ordered this mushroom salad situation which was mouthwatering. There is no bad restaurant in Oxford honestly! I have always had a great time no matter where we choose to eat in town. I was so happy to get the inside scoop from the locals because I do not think Ravine would have showed up on my radar without a little help from my friends.img_4091
  • I mentioned in this blog post how much I love this town and this school. I also love the people! I was able to spend some quality time with my good friend Donald who advises Panhellenic there and some FUN graduate students! The Panhellenic officers were a blast as well! I cannot imagine how hard these people are all working to put this whole recruitment thing together so… more power to them! I am always impressed that a group of students, some dedicated advisors and a whole lot of will power can organize 1,600 people! That is a huge task!img_3227
  • Finally… I have said this before but I LOVE working with new students! I love preparing them for their sorority experience. There are SO many things I wish I would have known before I went through my process. I just believe we need to do a better job at communicating expectations so these people can rise to the occasion. I love being a resource, confidant, and inspiration to these sorority hopefuls…. I hope that they leave my sessions feeling prepared, excited and mostly that they are good enough.

It was a pretty perfect weekend! I hope you all are enjoying your Tuesday!

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