Get Organized!

I do not know about you all but October is always the time of year where I try to get a little more together. I think it is getting off the road from August that motivates me to get moving!  Here are the three major things I do to prepare for winter!

  • img_3233Buy a new planner! I did a lot of research before buying a planner this year. Let me
    tell you this year more then ever, there are tons of options. A lot of people I know are obsessed with Day Designers. The biggest negative I have heard about them is that they are crazy HEAVY. I heard from a friend about Kikki.K Planners. I am not crazy about the layout on the inside of these things though, so I looked but I did not commit. I have had an Erin Condren for five years now and I am having a tough time switching. I bought another one this year and let me tell you… the designs have really improved and all of my fears about them essentially dissipated! I get complimented on my EC planner every time I fly. I love the layout of the weeks/days and months. There is nothing that beats it in my opinion. PS –  I have a couple of 25% off coupons if you all want to use them… just message me! Here is the pic of my old and new planner:
  • New Phone! I got my gold iPhone 7 Plus you all, it is great. Let me tell you, it is not mind blowingly different… but there are some pretty cool updates that makes the phone feel like it is reading your mind. Now I am going through the painstaking process of buying my new case. I have gotten a Sonix case for my last few cases, but I am not in love with any of their iPhone 7 Plus options as of right now. I found this company called The Casery which I love, but it is tough to make a decision, especially when you are supposed to be a professional with your phone, but sometimes you just want to be fun. If you have any suggestions please PLEASE send them to me! I am struggling over here! Here are the pictures of my old cases:
  • Finally – The Closet! I am working on perfecting my Fall Capsule closet! I will take some pictures when I get it completed and let you know what pieces are in the capsule! But I am getting rid of TONS of stuff right now and I am trying out a few different outlets. I just posted about 20 items on my brand new Poshmark account!  Usually I would take stuff to Plato’s Closet but I figured I could get a little more traction on an online platform. I usually don’t get a ton of wear out of my stuff so I am thankful that there is still a little life left in them and someone else will enjoy them!

Sorry for the lack of pictures! I hope this helps you make some decisions when it comes to your planner buyer!

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