So I Finally Tried Pure Barre

img_4102Hey you all! I know there are TONS of you out there (just like me) who have wanted to try all of these Barre workouts but struggle with a few things… Like finding a class, the intimidation of being the only clueless person in the room, what to wear, and most importantly the ASTRONOMICAL cost! I gave it a shot (I have officially been to four classes) and here is my assessment:

  • The clothing is a real thing. So Pure Barre people are FOR REAL about their attire.  You will feel like you are in a Lululemon advertisement… And depending on how edgy your studio… and ALO commercial. When you go to your first class, wear a pair of leggings and a tight workout tank-top. Just plan on buying a pair of Pure Barre socks on sight as well. Everyone else will have them on. They cost about $15 after tax.  Also, these socks matter too. Most of the people there will be wearing some variation of black. I made the unforgiviable mistake of buying pink because I love color… I was the only pink-socked lady in each of my four classes.img_4105
  • It can be super intimidating.  People love Pure barre with cult like dedication.  So you can feel totally in the dark when you go to your first class.  Here is what you need to know,  you only need three things:  A mini ball, the stretchy band and a set (or 2) of weights.  Best piece of advice I have ever received on this front is from my friend Megan Ogar who told me, ‘Don’t be a hero on the weights.’  I used the lightest set possible and I still felt like I was dying.  You have got to have room to grow.  Only move one inch in the movements unless instructed otherwise.  This might feel pointless when you begin but remember the the magic is in the inch by inch movements.  There are always a few people in class who are moving with larger motions… don’t be one of them.img_4109
  • The Final Assessment: I do not think four classes is enough of anything to really notice a difference. But I have not really noticed a defined difference in my body. The abdominal workout is GREAT… I felt muscles I had never felt before. My PiYo is actually a little better at defining my arms and shoulders in my opinion (which is crazy). The leg workout and the glute workout is awesome, but I have not noticed anything major popping out. Here is what I do know: The women (yes, mostly women… ) in this room are all pretty dang toned! All of my friends who have religiously signed on and married Pure Barre are in incredible shape. I have a sorority sister out of Houston who just had twins and looked PHENOMENAL up until labor and she is an instructor. So there is some element of it WORKING. You just have to jump in with both feet.img_4106

Overall I think this is the type of workout that would be a great accompaniment to your cardio.  Now, I think it is a huge investment… and you have to stick with it in the beginning to see your progress. And I don’t think it gets easier. I think it is hard and stays that way for a long time.



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