Trying To Find My Chi In Bath Water…

img_9931Last night the boo and I had a date night! It is the last night where I will be home for quite some time. I have a lot of work travel coming up as well travel for fun! I figured today I would blog about the top three things I try to get done when I am home for a stint!

  1. Workout: I have worked out about twice a day since I have been home. Obviously, yesterday I talked about Pure Barre but I have gotten back into my running groove as well. I feel so much better when I am focusing on fitness in general! It got a little rough there during August and September and I got a little out of my groove! Thankful to get some full nights’ sleep and get my fitness back on! I am thinking about signing up for a longer race in 2016 to give me something to work for. Let me know if you want to run anything together!img_4116
  2. Gone to all of my favorite restaurants! I LOVE local restaurants and these past few weeks I have tried to hit up as many as possible as well as visit some new ones that have popped up since I have been out of town. There is this new fun restaurant called Flyover that I tried with my good friends Amelia and Bryan. Their entire vibe is that you share everything and all the plates are meant to be eaten amongst the group. I went to Teller’s which is an old school establishment with my friend Cara Stuckel. I do not go to this place nearly enough. OMG the salmon was AMAZING! Finally last night I broke my strict rule and ate carbs, you all. It was crazy… I went to a pizza place called West Main, which was a build your own pizza vibe similar to a Chipotle.  It was so fun!img_9945
  3. Tried to find my chi… not my straightener, but my inner life force. I know this sounds cheesy but I was burning it from both ends at the end of September there and it has taken me a minute to rejuvenate. For a lot of you out there (and myself) we sometimes feel guilty for taking the time we need for ourselves. I absolutely have to give myself permission to just sit on the couch for a night and watch something on Hulu… right now it is The Mindy Project. (I never watch TV… like ever). I also have taken three baths. And I set a timer before I got in and FORCED myself to sit for 15 minutes. Looking for my chi in bath water. There are constantly a million things on my to do list, and some of them are just going to have to wait… like doing the laundry… I can’t even.

What do you all do to feel at home and rejuvenate? Any suggestions? I kind of suck at it.



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