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img_4130I flew to New Orleans on Friday night. I have not been there since 2011 with my crew (the Steel Mimosas – for those of you in the know). Holy cow I love this place. Here is a little recap from my quick trip:img_4134

  • When in Rome: I woke up incredibly early on Saturday morning and my first meeting began at 10:00 am. So I did my workout, got ready and left my hotel by 8:00 am… and headed straight to Decatur Street to do an hour of touristing! I popped into the beautiful Jackson Square for a quick picture. This place is always so much bigger then I ever anticipate. It was early enough that it was quiet and still not hot. After that, I cruised into Café Du Monde to grab some beignets and a café au lait. I read this article to prepare me for an expedited experience. The line was already half a block long when I arrived, so time was of the essence!img_4138
  • Working it: I spoke at Tulane for the day. Let me tell you, I have never been to this campus. It is beautiful you all! I have always heard that this place is phenomenal but it truly is awesome. It was a great day with a spectacular group of women! I am always honored when I get asked to come to smart schools, because I am just a little intimidated by intelligent people. I always tell myself they already know every thing I know, that is why they got into Tulane! But, it was a perfect day! I could not have asked for more!img_4141
  • Night Lifer: So traveling alone in one of the most FUN cities in America on a Saturday can make you feel isolated or give you a little challenge. After my time at Tulane I cruised around the Garden District, window shopped and people watched. I finally ate dinner at The Red Dog Diner. They have great small plates that average around $11! I also ordered the pimento cheese plate, because my clean eating gig was a wreck after breakfast. Now on my stroll back to my car, something extraordinary happened… I found a macaroon place. Be Still My Heart! Sucre was perfect! They had these adorable glittered macaroons that were almost too beautiful to eat… almost. They had fun flavors that totally represented NOLA; Absinthe, Sazerac, Pralines, and of course Bananas Foster!img_4149

I did not get to hit up any boutiques because I wrapped up with work a little too late and the shops close down at 6:00 pm for the most part…. But I will be back for you. New Orleans, thanks for reminding me how beautiful you are! We are not done here!



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