Back in Davis!

img_4183This weekend was FULL of the Hits! After Speaking at Tulane on Saturday I flew to Davis, CA on Sunday! If you have been following me for a while you KNOW I love Davis! Here are my highlights from my return trip to Davis:

  • An Afternoon of Shopping! So I did my research this time, and made sure I knew where every boutique was before I arrived. I got in on time to actually meander around. So, after my final assessment, here are my FAVORITES! A new shop to town is an adorable little store called, Philanthropy. A portion of the profit goes to worthwhile organizations. I met the owner, an ADORABLE born and bred sister from Davis, named Jacqueline White. She talked with me about how exciting and terrifying it is to start a business. She carries a range of price points. There are a few higher end brands at a price point that values quality over quantity (capsule closet worthy stuff). Bishop + Young is one of my fav brands that she carried. I bought this little t-shirt. Go stop by if you are in town!  Also this website was so helpful!img_4189
  • No Other Like the Food: I had a late lunch/early dinner at one of the more traditional sit down restaurants in town called Seasons. It is attached to my hotel. I had some awesome Mahi and sat on their beautiful back patio. Of course I had to go to Crepeville for dessert after my program with Panhellenic. I got a cinnamon roll crepe… so good. Honestly, there are still dozens of restaurants I want to try because every time I go I struggle with going where I have gone in the past or trying something new! I am still sad I did not totally blow my eating plan and get Cream at the end of the night!img_4176
  • The Friends: So this is my 4th time in town and I have worked with the current Panhellenic president, Suzi, each time I have visited. I LOVE these people (and I adore Suzi). They are totally the type of people I would love to be associated with. Last night at Crepeville we talked about politics, racism, birth order, dating, food and everything under the sun. Those are the best kind of nights! Where conversation just flows out of you! I would absolutely send any of my friends to Davis… it is an awesome town with really intelligent students. I am lucky they like me.

I think the reason I love this place so much is because it is so walkable, friendly, small town, safe, local and dedicated to their culture. The attitude is all about casual, quality, and enjoyable. I would totally live here!

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