The Posse’ & Pumpkins

img_3246Brendon and I have carved pumpkins together almost every single year since we began dating. It is a bit of a tradition around our house. Last year we carved pumpkins with some good friends and had an awesome time! I had a quick turnaround at home and decided to invite some of my favorite people over! Here are the highlights:img_9964

  • All things Fall! We ate chili, roasted S’mores, carved pumpkins, drank wine and leaned in to Fall as hard as possible! I never really did this stuff when I was younger with my family, maybe because it rains so much in the Fall back home in Seattle… so I often feel like this is my first time doing a lot of these things. I am excited to begin to create a few traditions with my own little family here!
  • I have a pretty bomb posse of friends. I am always obsessed with my crew that I roll with. I often feel like I could talk to them for hours and we would still have stuff to talk about. Often we talk too much and hours fly by! Cara is a lawyer and is working like a crazy person right now. Amelia is a doctor, finishing up her fellowship and is honestly so smart it scares me sometimes. I love them pretty fiercely and I am so thankful to have real friends in town!img_3260
  • Prepping for the colder weather. I feel like this past week has dramatically changed. It is all of a sudden cold at night. The leaves are beginning to change and days are noticeably shorter. It makes running awesome because of the chill in the air but besides that, I am feeling a little sad about the end of Summer and a long, cold Winter ahead of me. The only thing that gets me through is decorating! We went to our favorite gardening shop in town and bought tons of mums and different sized pumpkins! I am so excited to get them all in place to look perfect for the season! Look for pictures on Instagram!img_3249

I hope you all are having an awesome week! I am flying today and speaking tonight… then repeating the entire thing tomorrow! I go home on Friday!

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