img_3267Yesterday I spoke at the University of Delaware to the Panhellenic women during their Panhellenic Pride week. I have been to this campus before and I had an awesome time last night! Here are the highlights:img_3262

  • This campus is beautiful. It is a quintessential Northeastern campus with a little bit of a Southern vibe. All of the buildings match. There is a beautiful quad in the middle of campus. It is all brick and white columns. I did not really get to see all of campus last time I was in town so being able to walk around a little was a huge surprise! I just had no idea how adorable the entire place was.img_3273
  • The campus is growing. Enrollment is going up. More and more women are interested in Greek life every day. Chapters are growing and the community is bringing on new groups consistently. It is an exciting time to be working with the women. I have had nothing but incredibly positive interactions with these women also!  They are all pretty spectacular. They take their Greek experience seriously and work really hard to get it right. I am honored that they asked me to come to campus.
  • The downtown strip is pretty fun. There are tons of great restaurants, coffee shops and cafes within walking distance of their adorable campus. I think it would be a really fun place to go to school. We went to dinner at Iron Hill Brewery and I loved what I ordered. The women told me that they have never ordered something that is not delicious there. There was a donut shop (I did not partake) across the street called Duck Donuts which got it’s start in North Carolina and has made it’s way into town.  Next time I am getting myself a donut!  img_4204

It was a great day and a perfect program! I am flying again this morning and headed to my next state and my next school! I will keep you posted!

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