The Big Open!

img_3309A few weeks ago, the boo mentioned to me in passing that one of his cronies from home was opening up a bar in his hometown. Now, Brendon is from a pretty ‘personal’ town called Russellville, MO… home of about 800 people. The moment he told me when the grand opening was and I realized I was actually NOT TRAVELING… you all – my eyes lit up! I have been anticipating this weekend for a LONG TIME!img_9977

  • I have always been pretty good at making friends. Little did I know, I would leave this bar with tons of new friends… I had bathroom selfies with people I met that night, people texting me the next day asking if I was coming back. There is nothing in this world like a small town, and I totally understand the saying, everybody knows everybody. I had an AWESOME time chatting it up! PS, this is the only bar in town.img_4221
  • So, apparently jukeboxes do not give back change… little did I know! Well someone put in a $20 bill and left it up to me to select over 45 songs for local patrons. This was probably one of the highlights of my night… getting to essentially make the playlist for the entire evening! The only downfall was that… I was the only person there interested in dancing… per usual… so it was me, and my playlist, and a tiny dance floor, killing it! No shame in this game.
    Finally, I am OBSESSED with these faux leather leggings. I bought them at the Nordstrom Sale way back in July and this weekend was their first appearance. They are contouring so you feel like a million bucks the entire evening, and they are flexible, comfortable, oddly breathable. This just became an immediate closet staple! Totally worth the splurge for leggings.

I hope you all had an AWESOME weekend! I am really excited for this week. It is another Phired Up Prodcutions retreat so check social media for a constant string of photographs!



Revolve Lisbeth Swing Tank


SPANX Faux Leather Leggings


Steve Madden Chunky Heel


Gypset Honey Braided Wraps

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