Company Fall Retreat!

img_4249At the end of every hectic fall travel season, my company Phired Up Productions plans a pretty epic retreat. We call it the Phall Retreat… haha, get it? Phired Up? I have been assisting in the planning of these since I first was hired and I am really invested in its success! Here were some highlights from 2016!

  • My first year on staff ever, I organized a community service project for my company to do on our retreat in Nashville, and ever since then we have been dedicated to giving back whenever we get together. Since I studied Non-Profit Management, I am pretty adamant about the community involvement I do and I am honored to work for a company who values this type of work too! I am so pleased that this is one of our traditions… but mostly I am thrilled we got to do a little work this year! We went to the Hawthorne Center in downtown Indianapolis. We shampooed carpets, pulled weeds, built some games for the children and moved some heavy furniture!
  • A few years ago, Matt Mattson and I organized a hike during one of our Phall Retreats. We planned this whole trip to unveil each team member’s spirit animals. It was a blast! In fact, people liked it so much they requested we do it again considering we have so many new team members. I LOVED being able to recreate this activity and mostly I loved doing the hardcore crafting to make everyone their bandanas! WE look ridiculous but I think these pictures totally capture how much fun we have together!
  • Finally, This retreat is always a celebration of surviving our craziest time of year. It is also the time where we work on relationships and fun! We celebrated three team members’ birthdays and we ate a LEGIT dinner at a restaurant called Farm Bloomington. The menu was awesome! I ordered the salmon (typical) and there was a speakeasy downstairs in the basement! It was a pretty fun place and I would absolutely return!


I love the people I work with! I am constantly honored to be in their midst and mostly, I love hanging out with them! I am now finally out of the woods with full cellphone reception again!

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