Back In Florida

img_3369This week I was essentially in the woods completely disconnected from cell phone service and life at my company’s staff retreat. Wednesday I flew to Florida to speak at St. Leo University which is about 30 minutes north of Tampa. Here are the highlights:

  • St. Leo is a beautiful secluded campus right on a lake. You would think that because it is such a small campus, the culture would be a little wild but the students are all really hard workers. They take school more seriously then the average American college student. This is one of the most unique college campuses I have ever seen. The tiny town does not allow chain restaurants or stores so everything is local… MY FAVORITE!


  • I was the ‘Greek Unity Week’ speaker for all sorority and fraternity members. You all, I have not spoken to men in an audience since…. APRIL! It shocked me a little because it has been so long, and I did a lot more preparation then usual. I have always been a little anxious when it comes to working with co-ed audiences because it changes the dynamic SO MUCH. I felt really confident at the end of the program, I feel like my extra prep time was helpful.
  • I was able to get into town with a few hours to prep. I went to a Whole Foods in Tampa and hit up the salad bar. My dessert was a one pound container of fresh berries. It was a perfect meal to prep me for the day. I honestly timed out the entire thing perfectly. My new favorite way to eat in a city is hit up a Whole Foods Salad Bar.  It is always the best and stocked with great healthy options I can eat!

I am EXHAUSTED after this week. I need hours of sleep! It is going to be yet again another PACKED weekend. Today I have 4 different meetings/appointments I have to get taken care of… there goes my one day off!  I hope you all have a spectacular weekend!

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