Happy Homecoming!

This weekend Mizzou celebrated Homecoming! The university is very proud of being the ‘inventors‘ of Homecoming, hosting the first ever homecoming festivities in 1911. This is always one of the most exciting times to be in Columbia and I am so thankful I was there for it! Here are the highlights:

  • img_3386The weather was perfect! It was a little chilly but not too cold to enjoy yourself. I LOVE tailgating at Mizzou. Coming from a PAC-12 campus, we really did not participate in the pre-football festivities quite like they do in Missouri. I love the family-friendly vibe of a college football game. I love meeting up with friends and meeting their families. It is one of the best parts of college and I am so thankful I went to Mizzou to experience it.
  • Brendon had some great seats for the game. We sat up in the Tigers Lounge section where there is tons of free food. We have sat here a few times before. Now, do not hate me for saying this, but I kind of prefer sitting in the stadium seating a little better. I feel more in the game when I am in the stands with everyone yelling and cheering versus being kind of cut off in these specific seats.
  • I barely made it to the game. It began at 3:00 in the afternoon and I was working at aimg_3381 conference in St. Louis until 11:45 am. I raced home, threw on my black and gold and got to the game as fast as possible. We were only able to stop by one friend’s tailgate… which was of course the Stuckels! They are literally the best humans ever!  I am so thankful for their generosity! I think spent more time eating their food than contributing to conversation… whoopsie!


It was a beautiful and PACKED weekend here. I flew out of town on Sunday, off to the next work event. I am thankful to report I was able to sleep for eight hours a night two nights in a row… which is a dream come true!

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