How to: Manufacture Creativity

img_3957I get asked every day… where do you get all of your ideas for your blog? Like where do you get the content. I have a running list of stuff I want to write about, and things I need to write about. I sometimes do not have enough days to do all that I want. I also start each one, finish my three bullet points and wish I had eleven more! I suppose I am putting that Journalism degree to use from good old Washington State. But here is the thing with constantly outpouring content… It is all about giving yourself permission to create. Stop thinking about what will be successful… stop thinking about why that is a bad idea… and start finding the root of why you care about it and mostly what is it important for you to say.


  • The Inspiration: A few weeks ago I was talking to one of my favorite people… and of course, the blog came up. We talked about this idea: I created this blog to give young women who see me speak more access to me. I said something on that stage or into that microphone that made them want to hear more. So this blog is created to give them more of me. What do I want them to know? What do I think they want to know? What do I wish I knew? Those are the questions I ask myself every time I post. The times I have written what someone else suggested it FLOPPED statistically. I just have got to stay true to my voice and my gut.


  • img_3960How to Create: Creativity is a muscle. I used to be afraid if I started this blog I would run out of stuff. I was afraid that I would find the end of my fuel tank. I have found that it is exactly the opposite. I was talking to Brendon the other day about creativity and how so many people think they cannot just sit down and create. The more often you force yourself to just do it, the easier it becomes to create beauty. Not everything will take off, but the more you work on your voice the more you produce and the more you matter. Read books. Listen to new music. Try new food. Get outside of your comfort zone! Here are some starter books: Daring Greatly, Love Does, Wild and Free, You Are A Badass.
  • Surround yourself with beautiful things (things that are beautiful to you): A good friend of mine talked about cleaning out their closet and only keeping things that they felt gave them emotional joy. I think of everything I own and put on my body, in my bag, on my desk as an extension of who I am and what I am trying to create. I do not own it unless it gives me great joy. My clothing is an extension of me. My notebooks bring a little flicker to my heart. Heck even my coffee mugs exemplify who I am! Life is too short to just fill you life with a solution.   Everything I put in my life is something that inspires my heart.

One of my co-workers told me I was the most creative person they had ever met. I was humbled, honored and mostly curious. I figure, I have always been artistic, though not in the traditional sense. But I always thought of that as weird or different… or bad. I recently found this quote that perfectly describes the way I see my artsy side: “Creativity is an act of Defiance”. I have always been proud of my rebel soul. I am just now learning how to be ok with my constant desire to create. You can to. Make your life your art. The more you put in the larger the impression it will make.

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