Week of Greece: The Girls Trip Checklist

img_0031Once my life got crazy busy with my career… I realized how important it is to carve time out of your life for QUALITY time with your friends.  Having quality time with your family is key.  Obviously you need QT with your partner… but society does not not put value on prioritizing your friendships. I would be NOWHERE with out my crew and I do not want to ever drift apart from them. I make it a point to see them when I can. When I do see them I try to dig into the experience and make it as memorable as possible! (see this post about my BF Chelsie!) This week is all about relaxing and having the BEST time possible with Jennifer!

I am now becoming somewhat of an expert in what is necessary for a GOOD girl’s trip!  Here is the top 5 things you need for an awesome Lady-cation!

  1. img_0023A location: Location is key because it totally sets the vibe for the entire trip. Keep in mind, your location is about more then just what you want but where the group is now. Going to Las Vegas when one of your squad members is pregnant is a little selfish. If your group wants to go out and experience night life I would not suggest a trip to Blackberry Farms.
  2. Location 2.0: Go somewhere no one has been before! This makes it exciting for all members. People grow closer when they learn something together and discovering a new place together is a great way to grow closer on your vacation. It also takes the pressure off of the person who has maybe visited this town to come up with a million great ideas. Here are some ideas:
    • Getting Rowdy: Austin, New Orleans, Scottsdale, Miami, Nashville
    • Great Pics, Great Food: Asheville NC, Boulder CO, Mendoza CA, Manchester NH, Sedona AZ
  3. img_3454A little bit of this, a little bit of that: Plan your trip to have all types of activities. So a spa day one day and a Fall festival the next. This will feed the vacation vibe for all crew members and be so fun for pictures! Do not just plan on partying every single night this is how drama starts and feelings get hurt. Think of this as well for meals. Make one together at your Air B&B then plan one special night out.


  4. Dollar Bills: Remember money is a tough subject to discuss with your peers so make sure you discuss pricing options while planning. Do not surprise anyone with a last minute bump in money. But there will always be a friend or two who WANTS to go shopping and buy trinkets during your trip so make sure neither type feel uncomfortable.
  5. img_0026Down Time: Plan for down time. A group of women will take a long time to get ready for dinner. If they do not have the flexibility in their schedule, they will not come next year because they did not spend a single minute on the phone with their significant other. Also the BEST stuff happens when you have no plans… for example dog piling on the couch eating 10 pounds of Peanut M&M’s while crying laughing.

FINALLY: Try to never stay at a hotel. These kill the group vibe. As long as there is a locked door it is like a lock on the hearts. Always grab an Air B&B or home away. If you have to get a hotel because that seems to be the only options, splurge and get a suite where everyone can pile into one room… and of course has enough counter space for all of your getting ready contraptions.

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