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But what do they actually want? (dude gift guide)

Today I am welcoming my 3rd ever guest blogger!  Buying gifts for any man is always a challenge.  I feel like they give you NO CLUES and the internet is not helpful. I figured the best thing to do is ask a guy what he actually likes, wants, and has appreciated in the past. So… Continue reading But what do they actually want? (dude gift guide)

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How To: Pack For A Work Conference

Tomorrow I am headed out to go to one of our industry’s largest conferences of the year. Packing, preparing and heading out for one of these events can be super taxing and not to mention difficult. I will be in Boston from Tuesday until Saturday… where I will fly to Phoenix to work there for a… Continue reading How To: Pack For A Work Conference

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Black Friday & Thanksgiving Recap!

I hope you all had an awesome Thanksgiving! I am decorating all day today. I might also head over to the Mizzou game… Depending on the weather! First of all, there are some MAJOR sales going on right now! I specifically suggest you go to Nordstrom. They are doing 20% additional off of sales items!… Continue reading Black Friday & Thanksgiving Recap!

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What I am Thankful For…

Today we celebrate gratitude and I wanted to dedicate today’s intentions, thoughts and images to the people and things I could not live without. So here they are: First and foremost… FAMILY. This year has been a test for every member of my family. If you are an avid reader of KJ’s Blog… you know I… Continue reading What I am Thankful For…

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How To: Pick The Perfect Christmas Tree!

Even though tomorrow is Thanksgiving… We all know that is quickly followed by intense Christmas decorating!  The tree is the centerpiece of the holiday and one of the most important elements to making it feel like Christmas! Here is my guide! Step 1: Decide what kind of tree you want. I am not talking about… Continue reading How To: Pick The Perfect Christmas Tree!