Week of Greece: The Food!

thumb_dsc_0395_1024The Food of Greece is pretty delicious. Obviously, many different countries have Greek Restaurants. But there are some crazy differences you need to be aware of before you dive right in here.img_0009

  • If you do not like seafood… Yikes. Every restaurant here is so seafood-heavy because we are in the Greek isles (duh). There are tons of fresh fish and their specialty is octopus. I am in love with fish so it is pretty easy for me, but in some of the small villages there are no other options. I am not a huge planner when it comes to picking restaurants but if you have some specific tastes… plan ahead.  thumb_dsc_0246_1024
  • OMG the appetizer platters. I honestly have not even ordered a full meal here because I have mostly eaten my weight in appetizer platters. These things are packed with tzatziki sauce,  grilled veggies, fresh cucumbers, and feta cheese. All I want to do is sit for hours and slowly nibble away. It is so crazy how your preferences for meals change when you travel abroad. I keep finding that I am eating way less at weird hours. It has been awesome being on vacation with Jennifer too because we split most of our meals and we both get to taste a little of everything.thumb_dsc_0180_1024
  • Restaurants here are NOT conventional, so we have STRUGGLED with trying to figure out the rhythm here in Greece. It seems like there is little to no order. Maybe because we are here at the end of season… or maybe because we have not asked enough questions. Every island has its own vibe and its own attractions. So each island has its own set of rules. When we were in Naxos, we found an adorable coffee shop that was open at 10:00 pm and closed at 2:00 in the afternoon… what? The good news is that it is CRAZY affordable. I do not think we have spent more then €50 for a meal at even the fancy restaurants.img_3492

We are having an awesome time eating our way to relaxation. Of course, do not forget my cardinal rule… which is Red House Wine! You can get an entire liter for €7… I will never eat again.thumb_dsc_0332_1024

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