Week of Greece: Athens

img_3765We spent the day yesterday in ATHENS!  It was way more then I ever expected!

  • First of all:  Most people say you only need a day in the city but I could have absolutely been there for quite a few more. It felt like Rome-ish. There are your traditional Greek restaurants that are delicious but also there are tons of hip new chic places to check out. The neighborhood we stayed in was so beautiful as well. Our hotel, the Electra Metropolis has the MOST AMAZING VIEW IN LIFE of the Parthenon. We finished out our night upstairs in the restaurant just in awe of this MASSIVE city. Also they have great shopping just a block away from our hotel and we spent about an hour just walking up and down the strip checking out the stores!img_3675
  • Bad news: When we went to the city I had a few things to check off my bucket list. I was dying to see the Temple of Zeus because it is one of the seven wonders of the ancient world! We bought the mega pass that allows you into multiple historical sights and ruins for only one ticket. Unfortunately… the Temple closed, at 3:00 pm.  We walked up to the entrance at 3:41. My heart is CRYING! I just do not know when that will ever happen again!  One thing you NEED to know if you travel to Athens is there is not great signage and communication about what happens and when. So no one told us it closed at this time. We did not actually even get a map at the ticket office. We had to take a picture on our phones and walk around… eye roll.img_3729
  • Good news: We did make it in time to walk around the Parthenon!  Ok… this was spectacular. Little middle school KJ GEEKED out about this period of her world history class and I was able to feed all of my 13 year old dreams in Athens!  I had never had a desire to go to Paris or Italy… I had always wanted to travel to Greece and I FINALLY GOT TO DO IT! Huge bucket list item. It was spectacular, beautiful massive, impressive and a perfect touristy outing for the day!img_3604

Seriously, go to Athens.  You will love it!  It is wild, crazy, has tiny sidewalks and terrible traffic but I think life is the same way. It is worth it.img_3564

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