Week of Greece: My Favorites

16So if you read my blog from Wednesday you know the breakdown of each island and what I liked about it. Today I wanted to talk about my favorite moment or aspect of each one.

Mykonos: In my opinion, I enjoyed eating in Mykonos the most. We found plenty of tiny cafés to get a quick meal. Our first full day on the island was PERFECT. We woke up, strolled around town, ate at this BEAUTIFUL restaurant Nammos for lunch. After that, we had our spa day where I treated myself to a hot stone massage at our hotel spa. We stayed at the Myconian Ambassador, which was spectacular. We grabbed dinner and it felt like the perfect vacation day to me!08

Naxos: On our second day in Naxos, we woke up in the morning with the itch to explore. Jennifer and I knew we wanted to walk around and take some pictures. If we had stayed longer in town we would have absolutely rented a car one of these days… but with limited timing we had to stay pretty local. When you pull into the port at Naxos the first thing you are greeted by are the ruins of the Temple of Apollo. They sit over the hill and are a shocking reminder that YOU ARE NOT IN AMERICA. I love it because these ruins are the thing we try to imitate in America and they have been there for THOUSANDS of years. The people who reside on the island barely even notice it. The weather was so warm and beautiful that day. It was perfect!07

Santorini:  When we arrived in Santorini it was pouring down rain and we had no idea what we were getting ourselves into. As I mentioned this island is so cliffy that it is almost scary driving around. After the rain passed, we were able to go visit the Santo Winery for a tasting. We watched the sunset, ate some appetizers and realized just how BEAUTIFUL this place was. We wrapped up with dinner in a restaurant with a 400 year old cave wine cellar. It was probably the most beautiful restaurant we ate at. That night was Halloween and we had no intention of celebrating, but ended up finding a few people dressed up in costumes.14

Every day was perfect because I was on a vacation with my best friend. We did not try to pack too much in but at the same time my soul feels full. I am so thankful for every moment I can barely tell you a favorite.

I am so excited about Monday’s post! I hope you all are having a fantastic week!  Happy Friday!


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