Back At It…

img_4501Hey you all!  So after my return from Greece I have been traveling like crazy!  I am writing this from a hotel room right now.  Here is what has been happening in my life since I touched food back in America:

  • On Saturday I went to Virginia Tech to speak at their Recruitment Retreat.  I LOVE Roanoke and Blacksburg Virginia area.  I have done a lot of work with this community and they are one of my FAVORITES!  It was a pretty beautiful day.  The leaves we all red and it was sunny.  I wish I could have been there longer to actually spend some time eating at my favorite restaurants and hanging out with my favorite people… But unfortunately I had to hit the road.  img_4459
  • On Sunday I was at Eastern Washington University with my co-worker Vince Fabra!  We ate breakfast at our hotel together and just caught up for a few moments.  The day was PACKED for me but we were able to go to The Mason Jar for Lunch which is the cutest restaurant in the planet.  Check out this beautiful Latte they hand crafted:   img_4463 After the day ended I hung out with one of my favorite friends Samantha and her husband Mike for dinner.  I absolutely splurged at the end and ordered the coconut cake!  I flew home on Monday, was home on Tuesday for the election… then…
  • ON Wednesday morning I drove to Iowa State to speak at their Women’s Empowerment Week.  Let me tell you… Ames, Iowa is NO JOKE.  Honestly perfect quintessential college town!  I have never been here, but again… This is why I LOVE my Job!  I see the entire country!  We had dinner and after the program was done I never wanted to leave!  The students here are driven, funny and so hard working.  I was impressed and honored they even asked me to come.

I am flying again today to go to another school to speak tonight!  It is almost Friday… Stay strong my friends!

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