My Day Off In DC…

img_4535On Friday I had a day off! It was a weird travel day where I could have flown home but I would have had to turn right around and fly back to the same airport… So I decided to be a tourist in our Nation’s Capitol! I have not been to DC since I was in high school so it was fun rediscovering it now that I am an adult! Here are the highlights:img_4731

  • If you are a young professional, maybe you have heard that this town is FUN. Let me tell you, there are hundreds of AMAZING restaurants and watering holes. The hardest decision to make is to narrow it down to one. If you go, plan on eating. I had breakfast at what I would argue is the most popular brunch spot in town, Founding Farmers. I had a terrible time selecting what I was going to eat! I ended up getting the Crab Eggs Benedict… but I am still dreaming about how good the Bananas Foster French Toast looked. For dinner, I went off the beaten path and ate at a place called Dabney.img_4912
  • I walked 9.68 miles on Friday. Yeah, that is a lot! I assumed the blocks would be smaller or something but needless to say, my feet felt my day! The weather was perfect and I was pumped about making it there on Veterans day! I thought it would be a little more contentious in town as a result of the election, but I was wrong. It seemed to me everyone visiting for Veterans Day was EXTRA sensitive, not wanting to be placed in one box or another.img_4687
  • I have been everywhere this year, traveling to Paris, Rome and Athens…. And DC plays, you all. We Americans are extremely fortunate to live in a country that takes their memorials seriously. It is a gesture to our dedication to our past and ourselves. Walking around the National Mall made me feel overwhelmingly proud of our country and of the vision that our citizens had. Sometimes when you live in it day-to-day, you question if we really do have all of our stuff together. My little mini-vacation on Friday reconfirmed my confidence.img_4813

It was an excellent vacation day! I am thankful I got to do a little site seeing! In the past on my days off I generally just go shopping. Not that I do not love a good sale, but I am thankful I expanded my horizons a little! Happy Monday you all. Today is another day!



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