Rejuvenation Products!

It is that time of year where we are all a little more exhausted because there is less daylight. We are gearing up for the holidays but they have not quite hit yet. Here is how I rejuvenate during this down time! I am in the middle of three straight days at home! You all, I am so excited for some down time. Today I wanted to post about the three things I do to rejuvenate when I am home:img_3774

  • Face Care: I try to do at least a face mask a day when I am home. This is my favorite anti-aging: Dr. Dennis Gross Medi Spa. This one visibly reduces signs of aging and is so helpful with getting rid of dead dry skin in this CRAZY DRY weather we are having.  Also, it is never too early to start fighting wrinkles. My favorite for just pretty skin in general to make your makeup go on smoother is: Glamglow Youthmud. This is great for helping your tired skin look a little alive again. Something about this time of year wears everyone out and this will help you look a little more rejuvenated! Finally I am a moisture fanatic. I would prefer for my skin to feel wet than to get dried out. One of the leading causes of signs of aging is lack of hydration for the skin, so I LOVE hydration masks. It is not uncommon for me to go to sleep with masks on just to stay hydrated. I have yet to do one on the plane but I will let you know when I do! Here is a GREAT hydration mask: Kiehls Overnight Hydrating Masque.img_3773
  • Hair care: We have NO idea how much damage we are doing to our hair every time we use a hot tool or blow dry it. I try to baby my hair as much as possible, but that is so tough when you are getting presentation ready for 3 months straight. I love hair masks as well but I kind of switch up my entire routine in the winter. It is way dryer in Missouri than Washington – and my hair felt it! I use this ultra moisturizing shampoo/conditioner during the dry months: Caviar Moisture Duo. It is expensive but if you only wash your hair ever 4 – 6 days it will last you a long time! I also love soaking my hair in coconut oil for 30 minutes before I even jump into the shower… at least just the ends. I try to not blow dry my hair and I never curl on a day where it is not necessary. Here are my two “I wish I hads:” I wish I had a silk pillow case because the breakage of my hair and my ‘fly aways’ are pretty bad this year. Secondly, I don’t really brush my hair because of breakage… but I have noticed I am struggling with dryness at the ends. This Mason Pearson hair brush is crazy expensive but I have read about its miracles from a lot of people… and it is featured in InStyle Magazine this month as one of the classics.img_0114
  • Daily Care: First of all, this is the time of year to go to bed early. If you have nothing going on in your life, we feel a little lame going to bed at 9pm but trust me and do it.  You will thank yourself later! I try to not set an alarm and let my body tell me how much sleep it needs. This morning I woke up at 6:27 naturally feeling rested! I know you have heard me say this before, but drink tons of water. With the dramatic dry weather changing, we all dry out pretty quickly. This helps with not feeling as tired, healthier skin and being hydrated in general for the upcoming holiday season! Lastly, I do not put makeup on my face unless I absolutely HAVE to. I do not fly in makeup (that is the worst thing you can do for your face) when it is this dry, you skin will thank you later I promise!

I hope you all are getting excited for some much needed time off next week. I know I am!

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