Thanksgiving is Coming!

img_3845Thanksgiving is one week away! I do not know about you but this has not always been my favorite holiday… when I was a kid I always thought it was like Christmas with less time off school and no presents.  Now as an adult… I have grown to LOVE it.

We all celebrate it so differently. My mother and her family see it as a time to get out their best China and silver. That is how I grew up celebrating the holiday!  If you want to come over to my house some time next weekend, the boo and I will be making our very own Thanksgiving meal for two, served on my great grandmother’s China. My dad’s family has been a little more trendy and is not afraid to experiment with the menu!  Sometimes they will serve salmon and skip the sweet potatoes all together!img_3848

I really grew to understand just how great this holiday was when I moved away from my family in Seattle and began celebrating Thanksgiving with other people. When I met Brendon, we began celebrating the holiday with his family. His family is all about the conversation. People will come early and just sit for hours chatting at the dinner table.  Sometimes there is not even an official start to the meal because the boys have been picking at the plates for so long.

Regardless of how you celebrate… There is no right way or wrong way! I put together three different outfits that I would wear depending on which Thanksgiving I was going to this year. All of these are from my capsule closet this year! Do not feel pressured to go out and spend for yourself to look great! The biggest shopping day of the year is right around the corner!

Casual: Comfy jeans and a classic plaid shirt are a great way to feel comfortable but also look good in photos later!



KYI Fox Pompom Hat

Timberland Boot

J Brand Skinny Jeans

Rails Hunter Plaid Shirt

Trendy: Pair a cute tank top from summer with a cardigan. Throw on your trendiest jeans.  I tried to channel my inner 70’s vibe here! These earrings are my FAVORITE pair right now!img_3876


BB Dakota Print Top

BP. Open Front Cardigan

Mother Flare Jeans

Gorjana Hoop Earrings

Classic: A tweed shift dress and chunky heels! You will never look back at these pictures and cringe! This tweed is to die for too!img_3864

Happy Thursday you all!


Mini Jacquard Dress

Vince Camuto Block Heel

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