Time for Traditions!

2015-11-26_224844868_57399_iosTwo days until the big day! I am counting down the seconds! I have a few things that I MUST do on Turkey Day in order to truly enjoy it! Do you have traditions? Here are mine:img_5641-2014-11-27_150346

  • A Turkey Trot! My first one was in 2010 with my sister and her husband in Richmond, VA. I have done one every single year since. Some of them have been in CoMo. Some of them have been in Seattle. My favorite Turkey trot is the Gig Harbor, WA; one… because it is the most picture perfect place to begin your holiday! I will be running the Columbia, MO one Thursday morning! Stay tuned! I love this because it is the perfect excuse to stuff yourself because you have already gotten your run in for the day. I fell in love with them because I love seeing fathers running with their daughters and little boys sprinting sporadically, then almost passing out, then running crazy fast again. Grandmas walking with strollers, moms running together because their teenagers are too cool. Literally the most perfect family fun in America… Next to baseball.img_3464-2013-11-28_1747381
  • In 2009 I participated in my first ever Friendsgiving. It was my first time ever cooking a turkey… and I LOVE IT. I have never really talked about this in the blog but I LOVE COOKING… and I am really good at it. Cooking is the best way for me to feel at home from a hectic travel season. Last year I did an entire spread on Thanksgiving for just the boo and myself. I love sifting through cookbooks and magazines picking out different recipes to try. I love grocery shopping the week before and buying more butter and brown sugar for one sitting than I do for the entire remainder of the year. When I was in high school, I never thought I would ever be a cook. I did not know how to scramble eggs. This is one of the most surprising things I have learned about myself.img_3885-2014-02-15_022611
  • No one has EVER made a better stuffing then Kim Henry McNamara… God’s honest truth. I text her every year for the recipe because I have not written it down yet… It is just not Thanksgiving without that delicious side dish. Also, call me stuffy but I love the picturesque Thanksgiving meal. I love a sit down dinner (not afternoon) with all of the family China, crystal and silver out. I have some really meaningful pieces from my family that I cherish and I love getting them out this time of year and still using their prized possessions with my little family (two people, one cat & one dog).2015-11-26_224935925_49d1c_ios

What are your thanksgiving traditions?  Anyone planning on doing a run Thursday morning?

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