How To: Pick The Perfect Christmas Tree!

img_3916Even though tomorrow is Thanksgiving… We all know that is quickly followed by intense Christmas decorating!  The tree is the centerpiece of the holiday and one of the most important elements to making it feel like Christmas! Here is my guide!img_3933

Step 1: Decide what kind of tree you want. I am not talking about Nobles or White Pines here people. I am talking about real or artificial. I am a DIE HARD real tree kind of gal… Here are my reasons why! They smell amazing! I am from the Evergreen State and it is sacrilegious to not have a real tree. Finally, I have actually researched what is best from an environmental standpoint… and there is a smaller carbon footprint from real trees because of the products used to make artificial trees and their actual lifespan. So I am a real tree for lifer!img_3923

Step 2: The details. Measure how tall your ceilings are. I always skip this step (whoopsie!)… but we have 10-foot ceilings in our house and it would look ridiculous to have a 5-foot tree in here. But you do not want to spend mega bucks on a large tree and get it home and carve off the bottom of it. Make sure you find a great place to purchase your tree! When I was a kid, we would go out to the local tree farms with warm drinks, bundled up in our hats and jackets. There are PLENTY of amazing nonprofits that sell trees as their annual fundraiser! We have purchased trees from the Boy Scouts and the Optimist Club.  So if you want a farm experience or if you want to get into the Christmas spirit by giving… both are available.img_3938

Step 3: Getting it home. OK… Pay the big bucks and get the expensive stand. I mean it. My mom told me a long time ago that it would have saved Christmas a lot of drama if they had forked over the big bucks earlier. We learned the HARD way last year. Our tree fell over three… THREE times before our new stand came from Amazon. We broke so many priceless pieces, including our adorable Dexter ornament. It was awful! One of our good friends recommended hooks and fishing wire to keep it in place. Now, the tree drinks A lot of water in the first few days so make sure you water it often in the beginning. You will have to sweep every three days or so.img_3947

I am so pumped for tomorrow and Friday! Stay tuned for pictures!



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