How To: Pack For A Work Conference

conference-6Tomorrow I am headed out to go to one of our industry’s largest conferences of the year. Packing, preparing and heading out for one of these events can be super taxing and not to mention difficult. I will be in Boston from Tuesday until Saturday… where I will fly to Phoenix to work there for a few days. How do you pack for that???  PS – I tried to include pictures of past conference… as well as things I am packing for Tuesday! (also please enjoy my Sunday Athleisure… anything to not wash my hair)conference-4

Step one: Check out the schedule. Where will you be? What big events will you be incorporating into your daily schedule? Will you be speaking in front of people or at any important meetings on any specific days? There are two days I am presenting at our upcoming conference in Boston. I start with those days and work out when it comes to planning attire. After I figure out what I will wear on my “important” days, I piece together the remainder of my clothing accordingly. A huge piece of advice I have is DO NOT pack options… only pack exactly what you will wear on each day… Options are the root of unhappiness… specifically in attire. If you are really that stressed about it, put on each outfit with shoes before you leave. The more you plan, the more likely you are to be on-time for sessions… and the more confident you feel walking around.

Step two: The requirements. At this point I pack workout gear and pajamas. Conferences are exhausting… generally people skip the workout. Let me tell you, it does not matter how tired you are, a 20-minute light workout in the morning will get your blood and brain going… making you way more productive throughout your conference experience! A new trend popping up at conferences is workout options in the morning. Generally conference hosts will bring in a local trainer or raise money or awareness for a worthy cause. A way to trick yourself into working out is RSVP’ing for these early. I am doing a 5K the Friday morning of this upcoming event. Now, talk to me Thursday night, I will tell you it was a mistake… Come 7:00 AM on Friday, I will be so thankful!

Step three: The shortcuts. Pack a water bottle. People never stay nearly hydrated enough and being in a massive cold conference center for days is a great way to destroy your immune system. Most conference centers will have large water tanks all over for you to refill. If you don’t have one, buy a S’well in the airport at a gift shop on your way in. Pack only one color option… Black or brown. This will save you time, energy and ROOM in your suitcase. Shoes take up more room than anything in your luggage so for a four day conference, try to only pack three pairs of shoes… one of those being  your workout shoes.  Finally, wear your coat on the plane. In the winter or summer, this will be one of your largest items in your suitcase and you can save some massive room… but this also means your travel and leisure wear needs to match your black/brown rule… Sorry!  (PS – Check out that Puffy coat I am bringing to Boston in the pic above… I refuse to be cold!)

If you are headed to Boston over the next week… I WILL SEE YOU THERE! I am looking forward to reuniting with my favs! Reach out to me if you need advice!


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