AFA: Wrap up from the Weekend (and all of the callouts!)

img_4021SORRY about not posting on Friday. You all, that is my first missed day EVER. I was at one of our busiest work conferences of the year. And man alive was it busy… but it was so good for my little heart. Here is the deal, I sucked at taking pictures. I have a few, none of them are very clear or good… but all of my memories and conversations were good and clear.  Here are the hits you all!

  • I am a hard core nerd. I love learning. I love being taught specifically. I went to some amazing sessions on Friday (I spoke on Thursday and Saturday and could not attend any other breakouts… Busy). In the few years I have been attending this conference, I have come to really respect and value the movers and shakers in this field. They fill my little bucket and my head with ideas of how my work can continue to grow and transform as we learn more. If I was in your session on Friday… I loved it. I loved watching you work.
  • I got to do some training. I had a few crazy ideas and luckily a few people on my team jump on board with me. So thank you Taylor… Thank you Jessica… Thank you Matt. You all inspire me to keep pushing and trying crazy stuff throughout the year. Thanks for helping me get to where I am today. Mostly I love working with people who value growth as much as I do – it feels really good!
  • So many friends! If you really take a deep hard look at my pictures… I am squinty eyed smiling in every single one. You know how there is a difference between a smile for a photo and a smile of genuine joy? I can tell if I am actually happy based on how squinty my eyes are. I also have a nose scrunch. If there is a nose scrunch, it essentially translates into pure KJ joy. Clearly I was pretty happy kicking it with you all! Thank you for being my friend. Thank you for hanging out with me.

So I am writing this post on the plane leaving Boston. Bittersweet… but I did get a bomb playlist from this weekend… Thank you Brittany White!



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