Get Yourself Some Fit Friends.

img_5214I got to workout with so many different friends this weekend and it inspired me. I think fitness is best with others… it makes it fun and it is a great way to spend quality time with people. Here are some ideas, recaps and benefits.img_5192

  • My first fitness friends were running buddies in graduate school. If you read this blog, I talked about who got me started. To this day, I still love running with people. It makes the time go by faster because you are talking to someone. It is a great way to speed up your pace because you are constantly trying to make sure you don’t hold back your friend. It clears your head and you have conversations that are deeper and more thoughtful than you would on a couch. I also think running with someone is a love language all in its own. You have to meet them on time and wake up early. My CEO, Jessica has been my conference fitness buddy for years and she is always way better about consistency than me. Also, my good friend Kirstin is the best fitness recruiter on the planet. She can turn a one-on-one run into a group of eight people in one hour flat. More is more when it comes to fitness friends.img_5172
  • Friendship is deepened with a person when you learn with them. Spending time with your friends is a great way to maintain a relationship but experiencing something new with them actually makes you better friends. So your fitness friends and you do not always have to do the same thing. This past weekend, my co-worker Brittany White and I did a ‘workout for a cause’ early one morning and did a whole bunch of weird exercises I have never done – it wore me out. We laughed before, during and days after when our quads were still sore. I think the best part of giving it a shot for the first time, is you will be WAY more willing to do it again if the opportunity arises. What can be better than deeper friendship and healthy life choices? Honestly?
  • Finally, I have told you a few times… one of my favorite ways to ‘visit’ a city is to run in it.  Some of my fondest memories is running with a good friend in a new city.  Some of my favorite memories with good friends is working out together.  Not only does it bring you closer but it truly helps you appreciate your day.  The endorphins people… they are real.  Some of my favorite fits of laughter have happened in the gym early morning with some friends or in a new city on a cold morning.  img_3924

Fitness friends are some of the best kind of friends.  They help hold you accountable and mostly they encourage you to put your best foot forward every day!


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