Last Visit Of The Year!!!

img_4040Holy COW this year was intense! I can not believe I had my last visit of 2016 this past weekend! Here are the details:img_4032

  • I visited a chapter at the University of Arizona in Tucson. Now, I LOVE Tucson! I think it is a really cool city. I have not actually done a lot of work with UofA and to tell you the truth, I was reminded about how much I love this part of the country. It was WAY colder then I was prepared for and it was a ROUGH travel day to get there (three flights from Boston). But Tucson does a great job at celebrating its heritage and has the most precious downtown area. It is hands down one of my favs.img_5252
  • The women I worked with kind of blew me out of the water. They were super smart… and the chapter was kind, gracious and super-attentive. I am not always used to people being so incredibly engaged. I kept telling them how smart they were… honestly for it being the end of semester with only two weeks left… I was in awe of them! I would have been a mess in their circumstance! Great women, great chapter… I would be proud to call them my own!img_4036
  • Finally, this year was intense. I laughed a lot so hard I cried. I cried a lot and found myself laughing in the middle of it. My work travel is done for 2016 and I am trying to take a deep breath. I will hopefully have time to do some major recon work on my email account. But mostly, I just want to feel like I am treading water again. Work travel was intense… it almost felt like getting hit with a major wave and by the time you can breath again here comes the next wave. I guess if I am not busy,I will fall apart… like a tornado or something. But I survived. Now I am starting to get the fear and anxiety that I will not be as loved in 2017… which makes me nervous and makes me remember to appreciate it.  img_4029

It was bittersweet wrapping up. But hopefully next year will be as beautiful, complex and challenging as this year.



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