Why Asheville?

Today I am in Asheville, North Carolina for one of the biggest events of my year! It is Steel Mimosa Reunion Time! The Steel Mimosas are my crew, or my possee. They are the women I traveled with for Kappa Delta. They are the most powerful, inspirational, beautiful, fun, driven and caring women I know. I love them fiercely. We chose to have our reunion in Asheville this year.  Here is why!


  • Asheville is quintessential perfect girls/guys trip as far as towns go. There are tons of things to do! We are going to the Biltmore to look at the amazing Christmas Decorations. We are grabbing drinks at the Grove Park Inn. There are tons of adorable shops and awesome restaurants. The food and beverage business is booming! There is plenty to do and a lot of fun.
  • We like to be strategic with where we go. This year it was requested to go somewhere wintery, sweater-ish and bundled. We nailed it, in my opinion. But we also wanted to look at agendas and things to do in town. Here is what you need to know about our group as of right now… we CANNOT go somewhere intense… we would run ourselves ragged. If we went to NYC or Chicago this year, we might actually fall apart. We intentionally tried to pick a place with fun activities but not too overwhelming so we can still enjoy seeing one another.
  • Just to give you a picture of how to plan friendship reunions, here is a breakdown of our years together and where we have gone:
    • 2008 – Vegas
    • 2009 – Defiance Ohio for one of our weddings
    • 2010 – Gulf Shores, Alabama
    • 2011 – New Orleans
    • 2012 – Seattle
    • 2013 – Miami
    • 2014 – Tallahassee for one of our weddings
    • 2015 – Dahlonega, Georgia (wine country … trust me!)
    • 2016 – Asheville!


So far we rented a small house, grocery shopped, drank wine and chatted in our PJ’s. So far it has been exactly what the doctor ordered!  Stay tuned!  Pictures will be amazing!

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