My Crew

img_0265So as a follow up to yesterday’s post, I figured I should post about how amazing my friends are. I have been so lucky to be given some of the most powerful role models I have ever met. These women are more then friends. They are my true sisters. I love them fiercely.img_0030

  • My Steel Mimosas are the inspiration behind so much of what I do. They are some of the most intelligent, capable, fun, beautiful and driven women I know. I am so fortunate to even know them… Let alone lucky that they like me. I honestly do my job so college students everywhere can find a group of friends as inspiring and dedicated as mine. They have gotten me through terrible times and celebrated with me during my best memories. I am forever grateful for their love and friendship.img_0192
  • Friendship is important for all of us because it provides a mirror to us. The people we spend the most time with are the people we become the most like. Choose your friends wisely and when you find people you love, hold on to them tightly. You will become more like them with every moment you spend with them. If you look up to your good friends they will constantly give you confidence and motivation to become your best self.img_0214
  • Sometimes I think I am crazy. Like, I honestly believe there are not many people in this world who put as much on their plate as I do. I sometimes wonder if there is any other human on this planet who would stay up until the wee hours of the morning working the way I do at times… But then when I spend time with my Steel Mimosas, I am reminded that we are peas in a pod. Even though we are different, some of us organized, some of us artistic, some of us outgoing and different in so many ways, we all have a spark in us that drives us every day. They remind me I am not crazy, or weird or different… but they give me a place to belong and make me feel like home, wherever they are.img_0142

I love these people. They are some of the most important relationships I have in my life. They get me through my life. Find your tribe and love them fiercely. Here are a few fun pics of my tribe!

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