How to: Not Look Haggard Over The Holidays

img_0192With all of the travel, holiday parties, bad food and long days… it is easy to show your exhaustion on your face this time of year.  I am giving you my best tips to stay refreshed and clean over the holidays! (PS – this post was inspired by Jennifer Jacob Stuart herself… so that is why she gets to be in the picture!)

  1. Get what you can when you can:  I read an article that recommended drinking water in-between drinks when out.  This is a great idea, but I know it is almost impossible!  Try to skip the pre-game at your house and pound water before any event.  I always struggle with water when I am at my parents’ house because I am so focused on hanging out with people.  Try to make a calculated effort to drink 8 oz. every time you go to the kitchen or the bathroom.  Nothing says young and refreshed like a hydrated face… and sleep.  Good luck with sleep!img_4014
  2. Pamper when possible:  When you are in with your mom or your friends, suggest a wine and face mask night instead of the local bar or restaurant!  My sister and I did a face mask when we were in Arizona with my family.  Let me recommend hydrating and brightening to keep your youthful glow.  I found these great under eye masks at Target that I throw on when I am on a quick one hour flight.  Once you are tucked into your seat no one will notice.  NO MATTER HOW TIRED YOU ARE… do NOT forget to take your makeup off every night.  It is one thing to not take care of yourself, it is an entirely different thing to sabotage your skin. Take your makeup off and throw on some moisturizer and oil.  You will look radiant and refreshed in the morning.
  3. Fake it until you make it!  If you are feeling exhausted, empty and hopeless, there is nothing that covers those under eyes better then a good concealer.  Go a little lighter than your traditional shade.  I love my Cle De Peau concealer stick!  Also, lean more heavily on the highlighter over the contouring bronzer this month.  No one is tan in December and it looks suspicious.  Try to focus on lightening your cheekbones, brow, upper lip and those indents in-between your eyes where your tear ducts are (I use Tom Ford Highlighter).  Smoke your eyes with a classic grey or dark brown and lighten up on the lower eyeliner… You will look more bright eyed and bushy tailed.  Lastly, lighten up on the powder… it gets stuck in your wrinkles and crevices… abandon all dreams of looking Matte… in the dry and dreary winter, shoot for luminous and hydrated – just trust me on this!

I am already feeling a little haggard after this crazy fall.  Being in family photos is something I am DREADING!  I am face masking all weekend!  Good luck lovers!img_5445

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