How To: Pack for the Holiday

OK… I have to admit… I hate packing in the winter! Nothing can be more difficult! Now if you read my blog regularly, you know that I am a die hard carry-on kind of girl. Not in the winter… and especially when you are going to be in one spot for a long time! So here are my tips for the holiday packing time!

  • Get used to the idea of checking a bag! I have checked my luggage for the last three flights I have been on… which is totally uncharacteristic of me! I checked for AFA, my girls trip in Asheville and now for this long vacation! I am in Seattle right now- I flew here Sunday and depart on the 26th. I have all of my presents wrapped and packed in my large suitcase. I always start with the necessities and leave sweaters and shoes for last. I start with my toiletries, Sonicare and Clarisonic… and of course my ever-growing hair and face regiment. It is kind of nice to check because you can easily bring your full sized stuff.
  • Keep it minimal on PJ’s and workout gear. Even though I will be on the ground for eight days I try to be super minilmastic on my leisure clothing. Chances are you might not get to spend as much time working out as you originally anticipated so it is important to cut back.
  • After I pack these key items I ALWAYS pack my necessary items next… what I will wear to church on the 24th and what I will be wearing on the 25th. From here on out, I make a PILE of clothing in the middle of my closet of what I would like to pack and bring… then it is decision making time. I put together outifts and only allow myself as many outfits and I need… Options are the root of unhappiness you all, do not forget it.
  • Finally SHOES! The WORST IN WINTER! I always try to wear my largest pair of boots on the plane. I wore¬†my Stuart Weitzman 50/50s yesterday because these are large, clunky and a winter staple for me. Then I pack one pair of dressy shoes that could potentially match every single dressier outfit I packed. I then go to a leisure boot or bootie and finish with another pair of heels if I can cram it all in.
  • Last step for me is always more warmth. I pack hats and socks at the end… maybe even an extra sweater for kicking around the house.

The best piece of advice I have for you is wear your big stuff on the plane. Only pack specific outfits that you will absolutely wear and always always always pack things that could easily be mixed and matched! Good luck you all!



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