Shopping, Seattle & Sisters

img_5627My first order of business once getting into town was hitting up downtown with my sister!  Here are my favorite shops in Seattle!

  1. Obviously Nordstrom.  Downtown Seattle’s Nordstrom is like no other.  Everything you could ever want is available and in-stock there.  I love the cosmetics department.  I love the shoe department.  I am absolutely obsessed.  The customer service is unlike any other.  My sister and I went to do some shopping, and then we got weird in the pajama department.  If you do not know it I have a weird obsession with pajamas.  Lastly, when you are done at Nordstrom, you have to cross 5th ave and hit up Nordstrom Rack.
  2. Zara!  This is one of my favorite stores.  I always try to buy one or two items from them a season and I am always impressed with how fashion forward they are!  I get a lot of compliments on any outfit I wear from them.  Whenever I visit home I always try to designate some time in this place!img_5593
  3. Fireworks.  This is one of the best gift stores I have ever seen.  They have adorable christmas ornaments, journals, cards, soaps and anything you could ask for out of a gift shop.  I am a sucker for greeting cards and picked up a few adorable thank you cards on my visit.  It is a great local stop!img_5630

Finally, there is nothing better in this world than siblings.  I am so thankful for my sister.  She understands me and is one of the only people in the world I can complain about my own family to and she absolutely gets it.  I have talked about my sister a little in this blog but she is honestly so thoughtful, kind and brilliant!  I am thankful we spent the day together!  Being at home is always the best family time!

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